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Jan Zandbergen WWQM is awarded a FD Gazelle

Jan Zandbergen Group - logo FD. Gazellen Awards

Each year the Financieel Dagblad (Dutch Financial Times) organizes the FD Gazellen Awards. It highlights the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, arranged by region and company size. A total of 350 companies in various categories received an award this year. Jan Zandbergen WWQM is one of them.

Within the province of Utrecht, in the large companies category Jan Zandbergen WWQM even ended in second place with a growth of 81%.

The main criterion for eligibility for a FD Gazelle is achieving 20% sales growth in a three year time frame. The companies’ net results must be positive with a financially sound base. This review by the Financieel Dagblad is in collaboration with Graydon and ABN AMRO.

Peter-Paul Zandbergen, director and owner of Jan Zandbergen WWQM, shows pride in this achievement. „It is a wonderful confirmation of the path we have embarked on. In recent years we have been explicitly focusing on our customers and have been expanding our product range. Internally we have all shown responsibility and flexibility. Our growth and the positive assessment of FD Gazelle show that we are a healthy and strong partner and this is a compliment to all our employees.“