Jan Zandbergen has had a sustainable LNG truck in her fleet since mid-April. LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas and is a cleaner alternative to diesel. Although the initial investment is higher than with a “standard” truck, Jan Zandbergen has consciously opted for this investment from a sustainability point of view. The company is very curious to gain experience with this type of truck.

Jan Zandbergen’s new truck is a Volvo FH LNG. Henjo van Alphen, Delivery Manager at Jan Zandbergen: “We have eight trucks in our fleet. One was due for replacement. Considering CO2 reduction we think the LNG truck is very interesting. We opt for sustainability when possible. With the purchase of an LNG truck we are one of the pioneers. We also want to gain experience with this first LNG truck before proceeding to a possible second. ”

A TNO test shows that a Volvo FH LNG truck has an average CO2 reduction of 19% compared to Euro 6 diesel trucks previously tested by TNO. The truck for Jan Zandbergen will mainly be used for domestic transport.

Jan Zandbergen and CSR
Responsibility is one of the core values of Jan Zandbergen B.V.. This means that the organization takes its clients and their interests seriously and invests in training, safe working conditions and the health of its employees. As a (second generation) family business, Jan Zandbergen B.V. is very much aware of future generations and the opportunities and world we leave behind for them. She also acknowledges her own responsibility to cooperate in the preservation or restoration of this beautiful planet. The organization is therefore always looking for improvements in its processes. For example, the company has a refrigeration plant with heat recovery unit and sustainable LED lighting is used in the production areas and refrigeration and freezer units. The LNG truck is the latest example of environmentally friendly measures. In addition, Jan Zandbergen has supported the Black Jaguar Foundation since 2015. A non-profit organization committed to one of the largest reforestation projects in South America. See www.black-jaguar.org/.