Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat has an extremely wide and deep range that can meet the demands of all potential buyers. Our buying policy is linked to our worldwide markets. Our international customers are supplied with our wide range of meat from South America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Capitalising on trends and developments in the meat sector takes place on a daily basis, guided by your interests. If the market asks for cooked meat components, Jan Zandbergen supplies them.


Our international knowledge centre has specific knowledge of meat products, markets, quality care, logistics and much more at its disposal. All our staff stand for customer orientation, flexibility and responsibility. We aspire to meet the needs of our buyers as full as possible. With us, the customer is king… or queen! We moreover aspire to a partnership with you as customer. Our buyers stand to profit from our 60 years’ experience and our cutting-edge contemporary knowledge of the international meat trade.

We are familiar with your markets and your needs. Roughly speaking, there are three markets: