Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat supplies directly to retail organizations. In addition to primary products and products for your own butcher’s shops, we also offer packaged portions and processed products (such as hamburgers and carpaccio), both for fresh and frozen assortments. For this, we collaborate with Diviande. Our own brands, The Meatlovers and Roosterz & Co, are also available for retail organizations.

Not just a supplier

For retail, we are not just a supplier. Rather than just talk about the price, we sit down together to transparently share information and expectations and see what we can do for each other. The boundaries in food retail are gradually fading. We think along regarding the optimization of the supply chain, product innovations and category management. What are the trends, what does the consumer need and how can we strengthen each other? This is what makes co-design an option.

Our own brands that can be found in (online) food retail:

Frozen high-quality chicken bites; these bites are the perfect appetizer at a party or to be enjoyed on an evening with friends. They are also irresistible when served as a starter or snack between meals.

The Meatlovers
Portioned, frozen meat concept; brings the restaurant experience to people’s homes with hamburgers, steaks and slightly larger high-quality meat parts.

Private label

In addition to these own brands, you can also purchase our products under private label. A different recipe, adjustments to the format and packaging with your corporate style. We see every specific question as an interesting challenge.

If you want to know more about our brands or other products and possibilities for retail, please contact us.