Australian grain-fed beef. Highly prized around the world.

USA Beef

USA Beef: Corn fed Black Angus beef from the USA.


Charrua gives you the unique combination of South American quality and the taste experience of grain fed beef.

Evita’s Choice

Evita’s Choice puts the symbol of Argentina on your plate; high quality grain-fed beef.

Arena Montana

Arena Montana: beef.


Sidera rose veal is high quality, lean, extremely soft and tender.


Patagonianlamb: Meat from Patagonian lambs is healthy and lean, sustainable and firm.

TD Poultry Processing

TD Poultry Processing for production and distribution of high quality poultry products.

Vero Sabor

Vero Sabor: South American beef for retail and Out-of-Home.

The Meatlovers

The Meatlovers: comprehensive, high-quality concept frozen meat for retail.


Supplier of high quality lamb and mutton from New Zealand.