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Jan Zandbergen again supports the Black Jaguar Foundation

Jan Zandbergen Group - Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF)

Jan Zandbergen has been the proud sponsor of the Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) since 2015. BJF is an international non-profit organization committed to the realization of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, in the heart of Brazil, and thus one of the largest reforestation projects in South America. The term would expire this year, but Jan Zandbergen Group has opted to continue supporting the project and has therefore renewed the partnership.


The measures taken in recent months have had a major impact on the catering industry and therefore also on the various suppliers. In the midst of what is currently going on, Jan Zandbergen Group has chosen to continue the partnership with BJF. Peter-Paul Zandbergen, CEO; “Exactly with what is going on, we choose to continue to support BJF. Restoring our planet is now more important than ever. Oxygen, sufficient fresh water and plants that are necessary for making medicines, nature provides it all for us. We should cherish that.”

Jan Zandbergen Group - logo Black Jaguar Foundation

The new logo of the Black Jaguar Foundation

Jan Zandbergen stepped into the Black Jaguar Foundation project at the beginning; back in the days when the foundation wanted to prove their plan of action through small pilot projects and was mapping the entire area. The mapping has now been completed and the pilot projects have proved successful. The first planting of native species on a larger scale has begun.

The reforestation project for the entire Araguaia Corridor covers the restoration of over 1 million hectares of land, over 2600 km in length and 40 km in width. With an average of 1,700 native trees per hectare, this means that for the total project, approximately 1.7 billion (!) trees must be planted. Fortunately, nature itself helps. There are places where nature restores itself purely by leaving it alone. Nevertheless, it remains an ambitious plan and the organization still has enough to do in the coming years, in which it can use the support of all.

Jan Zandbergen does more for a better world than just financially supporting a non-profit organization. “As a family business, we are very aware of the importance of caring for future generations,” said Jochem Versloot, grandson of Jan Zandbergen and director, co-owner of the company. “We are therefore continuously looking for sustainable improvements in our business processes. Recently one of our trucks had to be replaced and we opted for an LNG truck instead of a diesel truck, which saves on average 20% CO2 emissions.”

As a family business, we are very aware of the importance of caring for future generations.

We also look at possibilities in our product range” adds Peter-Paul Zandbergen. “We are in the meat business and we will continue to do so. But in addition, we have also been offering meat substitutes for a few years now and we are actively committed to developing a wide range of plant-based products. People are quite willing to cut down on meat from a sustainability point of view, but are not too keen on standard meat substitutes. We believe that you should offer a wide range, affordable and tasty alternatives if you want the masses to reduce on meat. So that is what we focus on.”

For example, Jan Zandbergen and its sister company Future Food Group are marketing an extensive line of meat substitutes under the name PLNT. Products that are not only good for people but also for our planet. PLNT offers meat substitutes that are accessible to everyone, based on the vision of making meat substitutes tasty, sustainable and affordable. The products range from a variety of plant-based burgers to plant-based chicken strips and even vegetable sandwich fillings.

A better world starts with you. Jan Zandbergen Group clearly takes this seriously, which is reflected in the internal processes and sponsorship.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Black Jaguar Foundation - groei bebossing

These trees were planted in 2018, now see them here in their first and second year…their growth has been astonishing.

Would you also like to support the Black Jaguar Foundation in achieving its ambitious plan and contribute to leaving a healthy world for future generations?