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Jan Zandbergen Group offers a wide selection of animal proteins, including meat and poultry, to European clients active in the food industry, foodservice and retail.


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We import our meat and poultry from some of the best regions across the planet, found in South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. We work exclusively with socially responsible suppliers. We buy directly from the source, invest in long-term relationships and set up new programmes that are tailored to our requirements. The premium quality meat sourced by Jan Zandbergen must pass stringent quality controls – both in its country of origin and after arriving in the Netherlands – before it is distributed throughout Europe. This quality assurance also contributes to the consistency and continuity of our deliveries.


With a wide selection of fresh grain-fed beef cuts from various parts of the world, Jan Zandbergen is the premier source of these products – which are becoming more popular every year– for the European foodservice and retail sector. Naturally, we can also supply fresh or frozen beef in other categories.

All beef sold under our own brand 1788 is sourced from the Australian state of New South Wales. This region is renowned for its unspoilt nature and rolling green plains. The Angus cattle are free to graze outdoors for a period of 26 months, after which they are fed grain for a period of 120 days. This special diet leads to a delicate marbling of the animals’ meat, which contributes to its superior tenderness and full-bodied flavour.

Under the name Charrua we offer you a unique combination of South American quality and the exceptional flavour of grain-fed beef. Uruguay is a truly paradisiacal environment for raising cattle. Its fertile soil, wide green plains, rivers and streams and temperate climate combine to create ideal conditions for the animals’ welfare. In the final stage, the animals are fed a minimum of 120 days on a diet of predominantly grain. This results in finely textured and delicately marbled meat. Besides offering beef from Hereford cattle, we can also source Angus cuts from our Uruguayan partner.

Evita’s Choice puts the preeminent symbol of Argentina on your plate: premium quality grain-fed beef. Its range consists mainly of meat from the breeds Braford, Brangus, Hereford and Angus. The cattle are free to graze the wide-open pampas for 20 to 26 months, while gauchos keep an eye on the herd. After their time on the plains, the cattle are moved to spacious feedlots, where they are fed a special grain-rich diet. This results in a balanced pattern of intramuscular fat that makes their meat extra flavourful.

Experience the true taste of luxury with this Wagyu meat. In the lands of Japan, the cattle lead a pleasurable and comfortable life. The way they are cared for and their dietary patterns contribute to the amount of marbling. They are fed with Japanese rice straw from Japanese rice fields, which is indispensable for creating the pure white color of Wagyu’s marbled fat. Drinking natural spring water contributes to breeding healthy and strong Wagyu. We provide the highest grade of Wagyu meat: A5+. A5 has a rating of 8-12, meaning it is the most tender meat.

Meatco Natures Reserve – a true testament to Namibia’s rich agricultural heritage. Natures Reserve is not just a brand; it’s a symbol of Namibia’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and unparalleled taste. Meatco’s cattle graze freely on the vast, nutrient-rich grasslands of Namibia. This natural diet imparts a distinct flavour to the beef – a taste that’s both robust and refined. The cattle’s stress-free lifestyle ensures tender, flavourful meat, making every bite a gourmet experience. Natures Reserve by Meatco is now available for you through Jan Zandbergen.

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Arena Montaña can be regarded as Jan Zandbergen’s house brand. The Arena Montaña beef range includes a large number of frozen portion-controlled products. Think of T-bones and Carpaccio, but also of various steaks. Perfectly consistent steaks with a long shelf life, ideal for the food service sector. The calibration can be adjusted to your wishes.

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We supply quality rose veal under our own brand Sidera. We exclusively source Class V calves (younger than 8 months) from the Netherlands and Germany for our products.

During the first few days, the calves are fed colostrum, followed by a diet of milk and roughage (maize, straw and pellets) for seven weeks. As soon as the animals’ digestive functions are working properly, this diet is replaced by 100% roughage, which lends their meat its fine pink colouring. Veal produced this way is exceptionally tender, lean and pure-flavoured.

Sidera veal represents a very high-quality standard. To guarantee this quality, we subject our veal farmers to a very strict selection process and their facilities need to satisfy requirements. Sidera cuts are specially selected, bones with extra care to quality and hygiene and packed immediately afterward. This quality is also reflected in the product’s luxury packaging.


New Zealand lambs are reared in their natural environment, where they can roam free. The result? Lamb’s meat of an exceptionally high and consistent quality. Indeed, for European aficionados, New Zealand has been the diamond standard for lamb quality for many years.

The beautiful region of Patagonia lies in the southern-most part of Chile and Argentina. It is characterised by expansive vistas and poor soil. The local lamb herds roam freely through this arid landscape. The meat of the Patagonian lamb is healthy and lean, sustainable and full in texture. At Jan Zandbergen, we are already convinced of its unique quality – can we entice you in trying it too?

Besides importing meat from countries outside the European Union, the Jan Zandbergen Group also distributes lamb and mutton sourced from various EU member states. An interesting advantage of this origin is that it makes many of the items in our range particularly well suited for industrial clients.

The Everlamb range comprises a wide selection of frozen lamb cuts for the hospitality and catering sectors. Our portion-controlled steaks present a number of advantages to professional chefs, including ease of preparation, no cutting loss and uniform presentation. The Everlamb range consists of lamb chops, saddles and sliced leg of lamb, as well as preparations like lamb burgers, minced lamb and medallions. Jan Zandbergen sources these products from regions that are renowned for their lamb, like New Zealand, Patagonia and Ireland. We exclusively buy meat from suppliers that are known to pay close attention to animal welfare and quality control. As a result, when you buy from Everlamb, you are assured of the best quality lamb.


Jan Zandbergen Group distributes a variety of higher quality pork products, including pork tenderloin, spareribs, burgers and various Iberico items to foodservice and retail clients. We supply both fresh and frozen products – in many cases from stock. An ideal solution for wholesale butchers, centralised butchering plants and/or different foodservice concepts.

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The Jan Zandbergen Group offers its clients in foodservice, retail and industry a wide selection of fresh, frozen and cooked poultry products. As one of the leading importers of poultry in the European Union, Jan Zandbergen is the right place to turn to for high quality and continuity. This, as well as a range of standard products that are always in stock, makes it easy for our clients to enter into long-term agreements.

We made a public pledge to support the Better Chicken Commitment; the leading set of standards for broiler welfare driving the food industry towards higher welfare practices.

We can supply our European clients with fresh chicken fillet and inner fillets – deboned and skinless. The fillet-cuts can be calibrated or uncalibrated and supplied with or without the inner fillet. Our partner for chilled chicken products is the Ukrainian firm MHP (Mironivsky Hliboproduct). MHP has one of Europe’s most advanced production facilities. In addition, the company is BRC-class A certified, meaning it satisfies all stringent quality and safety regulations in place within the EU. And since MHP handles the entire chain in-house – from growing crops to feed production, and from rearing the chicks to halal slaughter and processing – the firm is able to supply consistently high quality. When you buy our products, you can rest assured that you are always working with the highest quality meat. To guarantee short delivery times and extended shelf life, MHP has set up a hyper-modern cutting line close to its end users. This production facility, which is in the Netherlands, operates according to the strictest quality standards.

We pack our products in MAP trays (MAP = Modified Atmosphere Packaging). This ensures they retain their freshness, flavour and appearance for an extended period. We do not add any artificial ingredients or preservatives. The MAP trays are packed in 10 kg batches in white cardboard boxes, with a choice between two 5 kg trays or four 2.5 kg trays. Other packaging options include piece count or vacuum bags. Where desired, we can also supply boxes bearing your own design or labelling.

Whether you opt for plain, salted, or seasoned IQF products, as a food sector or industrial client you can count on Jan Zandbergen having it in stock. We import frozen poultry products from regions all over the world , including South America, Asia, Ukraine and the European home market.

Brazil is an important producer of chicken and turkey meat for the EU. Thanks to favourable quota agreements, Jan Zandbergen can source a large share of its poultry programme from this country. In addition, we also import high-quality IQF and calibrated chicken fillet from Argentina and Chile.

Jan Zandbergen is a major importer of plain and salted products from Thailand. Calibrated chicken fillets from Thailand are particularly interesting for foodservice companies and industrial clients thanks to the favourable production conditions in that country. We are also able to import specially developed products on your behalf, such as cubed chicken, skewered chicken and other concepts.

We also have a regular supplier of IQF calibrated chicken breast fillets, inner fillets and other poultry products in Ukraine: once again, our preferred partner MHP. It markets these products under the Qualiko brand.

A huge volume of chicken and turkey meat is also produced within the European Union itself. Jan Zandbergen maintains good relations with producers throughout the EU and can supply a variety of products on demand or from stock. We not only supply high quality items to the foodservice sector, but also industrial ingredients like MDM (Mechanical Deboned Meat), MRM (Mechanical Recovered Meat) and chicken skin.

Where desired, we can also bring frozen chicken products to the right temperature for you via tightly-controlled tempering. Download our PDF for further details.

We import cooked, roasted, deep-fried, coated and marinated poultry products for the European market. Our strategic partnerships with local producers allow us to continuously supply our clients with high-quality products – predominantly from Thailand and China, but also from Ukraine. Thailand has been specialised in cooked chicken products for many years. One of its key markets is the UK, meaning that Thai products are certified according to the highest standards, with the Genesis GAP programme being a prime example. In addition to our standard range, we also develop tailor-made solutions in response to specific client requests.

Download the brochure or visit the website of our specialist brand Roosterz&Co.

For marinated poultry, feel free to get in touch with our sister company TD Poultry Processing, which focuses on the production and distribution of injected and tumbled chicken products. This preparation process assures you of a product that is both tender and filled with flavour.


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To cater to seasonal demand, the Jan Zandbergen Group offers a broad range of rabbit, venison and ostrich meat products to its clients in Europe.


When selecting suppliers, we take careful account of animal welfare and environmental aspects. In fact, this is a basic point of departure for all the activities at Jan Zandbergen. In addition to our standard offer, you can also turn to us for certified organic meat. We work together with organic farmers who pay close attention to animal welfare and their impact on nature and the environment. We do this, for example, under our brand Lebon.

At our production facilities, we cut and pack the organic products without adding any chemical colourants, aromas or flavour compounds. The entire chain as well as the production process for our organic products are monitored and certified by the Skal Institute.


From base ingredients and producer goods to finished products. The Jan Zandbergen Group offers you a comprehensive programme of options:

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Our sister company Diviande specialises in processing quality meat into finished products. They are happy to fill you in on the different possibilities.


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Wagyu is known worldwide as the tastiest and most tender beef to be found on the market. The secret to this consistently superior quality lies in its intensive marbling. The selective Wagyu programme works exclusively with specially selected breeders and the most advanced technology. The entire process of rearing the cattle adheres to the strictest quality standards and has a strong focus on animal welfare. In the final year, the cattle are fed balanced diet supplements with natural cereals. This attention to detail is rewarded with exceptionally tasty beef.


Pure, honest, transparent and 100% organic: that is the meaning of Lebon. With Lebon we strive for a fully transparent meat chain so consumers know exactly where their meat comes from. We realise this by working exclusively with selected organic farmers. Together we keep a high standard in quality meat and offer the most delicious and tender beef-, veal-, pork- and lamb products. They raise their animals with respect for them and respect for nature. Together they create the perfect base. Only then do we realise organic meat as it is supposed to be.

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Arena Montaña is Jan Zandbergen’s own brand. The entire programme at Jan Zandbergen is made up of quality products. When you buy from our Arena Montaña, you are assured of quality beef and pork. Arena Montaña offers its beef in a variety of forms – both fresh, steak-ready cuts and frozen portioned steaks. The brand’s pork offer is limited to spareribs.