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Charrua Premium Wagyu Uruguay in assortment Jan Zandbergen

Jan Zandbergen Group - beef sfeerfoto

Under the brand Charrua, Jan Zandbergen puts Uruguayan grain-fed Hereford and Angus beef on the European market. Our Charrua range is now extended with an exclusive Premium Wagyu line. Charrua Wagyu meat is subdivided according to the AUSMEAT Marbling Scores. To guarantee exceptional quality only the score 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9 are delivered.


The best of Japan and contemporary developed genetics come together in the renowned cattle breeding regions of Uruguay. With the utmost care Charrua Wagyu perfected the art of the Japanese to create something very special. This results in exceptionally tasty beef that melts in the mouth.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Charrua premium Wagyu steakdoosje

The Wagyu program only works with specially selected breeders and the latest technologies. Everything meets the highest quality standards. Animal welfare is of paramount importance in this. From birth Wagyu cattle live in freedom on the vast Uruguayan plains. The geographical location of the country and the temperate climate form the ideal natural conditions.

Because of the freedom of movement and the fibre-rich grass eaten by the cows, the meat gets a nice red colour. In the last year of their life, the cattle receive a balanced diet supplemented with natural grains. The Wagyu cow naturally has a tendency to develop intramuscular fat, the grain feeding stimulates this even more which results in the high Marbling Score. The cuts and packaging of Charrua Wagyu are all labelled with the Marbling Score.

Wagyu beef is known as the best-tasting and most tender beef in the world that is exclusively available in high-end restaurants. The intensive marbling of the meat is at the heart of the consistently superior quality.

Would you like more information about the grain-fed beef and the cuts Jan Zandbergen B.V. offers, please contact the sales department. Telephone + 31 318 563 563 or e-mail