We think in terms of concepts. We link your question or business challenge to market trends, product offerings and other aspects, always keeping an eye on the added value for you. This sharing of ideas can range from something as simple as offering a suitable or alternative cut of meat to providing an extra service that brings the product better into line with your business process or to developing a new product line or concept together. We are always pleased to contribute ideas. Below are some examples of concepts/product lines we have developed:



1788 is the brand under which Jan Zandbergen markets Australian grain-fed beef to the food service industry. The name refers to the year 1788, in which Captain Arthur Philip went ashore in New South Wales, Australia. Among his cargo were six cows and a bull. This was the start of livestock-keeping ‘Down Under’, resulting in high quality meat.

The Meatlovers

The Meatlovers brings the quality and experience of eating in a restaurant into peoples’ homes. It is a portioned, frozen meat concept for retail, with high-quality burgers, steaks and slightly larger cuts from the best regions in the world. We also provide recipes to further inspire the home chef. Appealing packaging is available in various languages.


Roosterz & Co

Roosterz & Co, the perfect chicken bar snack but also irresistibly tasty as a starter or in-between meals. Deep-frozen, high-quality chicken bites for retail. Robust, hand-carved pieces of chicken breast in a crispy and tasty coating – all suitable for ovens and air fryers, in line with the health trend. Packed in attractive contemporary bags.

Easy Cooking

Easy Cooking stands for ease of use, taste, and affordability. The frozen steaks can go straight into the oven, microwave or air fryer. Defrosting is not required and with the specified temperature and preparation times, every steak comes out of the oven with the desired doneness, whether it is medium-rare, medium or well-done. The concept is available for both professional kitchens (foodservice) and the home chef (retail).


Interested in our concepts but with your own brand name and appearance? Or do you want other meat products, calibrations or packaging forms? We’ll make it for you.