Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat keeps the processing, storage and distribution of its products under its own management as much as possible. By keeping our finger on the pulse, the entire process complies with the strictest requirements at all times. Not only that, but it enables us to meet demand quickly too.
Jan Zandbergen has a total storage capacity of 20,000 tons for frozen and fresh meat, all from a single location. This makes us one of the larger stockists of meat in Europe. We stock virtually all products. The temperature in our cold stores is continuously monitored by an advanced computer system.

Distribution: order today, delivered tomorrow

Our latest (2015) and largest cold stores are equipped with an automatic crane system. This enhances the flexibility of the organisation, as it enables the large majority of orders to be delivered throughout Western Europe within 24 hours.
We have our own fleet of vehicles consisting of modern lorries that comply with all relevant criteria. The lorries are air-conditioned and the temperature of the products is continually monitored. Our drivers are also tasked with maintaining high standards.
One of the greatest strengths of Jan Zandbergen is the speed and efficiency of its distribution: ordered today, delivered tomorrow (within Western Europe). Reliable delivery times are essential.


For an organisation that imports meat and poultry from overseas, it is essential to manage customs-related issues properly. This is why we have an in-house team of specialists and trained declarants to take care of all import/export and customs services. This enables us to organise customs clearance ourselves to a certain extent. Our employees also maintain contact with the Customs Administration and have excellent knowledge of licences and licence management.


Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat is AEO-certified, which serves as proof that specific business processes within the organisation are well regulated. An AEO must, for example, be financially healthy and possess transparent product administration. All of these elements indicate that an AEO-certified business is a reliable partner.