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Dive into Moving Mountains® sustainable fish alternatives

Discover the fish-friendly taste of the sea with the Moving Mountains® plant-based fish products. Sustainable products that also perfectly match the ‘Fast casual’ trend. Good quality food prepared quickly for the guests.
After many delicious meat alternatives and plant-based Fish fingers it is now time to introduce Moving Mountains® newest fish substitutes.

Moving Mountains® Fish Goujons

Fabulously fishy, these plant-based goujons are a delicious snack that adults and kids will love. Besides being a great snack while having a drink, the goujons can also be used in various dishes. Serve for instance with sweet potato fries and a side salad.

Moving Mountains® Fish Fillets

A delicious plant protein fillet with a flaky texture wrapped in panko breadcrumbs. The Moving Mountains® Plant-based Fish Flavoured Fillets are like a timeless British favourite – just add chips and mushy peas for that seaside experience.

Moving Mountains® Fish Burger

Coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs the Moving Mountains® Filet-Zero-Fish Burger is succulent and flaky. Layer with tartare sauce and fresh crunchy lettuce in a soft bun for a tasty fish burger.

Why plant-based fish alternatives?

Moving Mountains® plant-based fish products have been created to tackle the sustainability crisis in the oceans caused by over-fishing. Aside from being delicious, healthy and sustainable, the Moving Mountains® Fish products are also free from mercury and micro-plastics, which are found in traditional fish. Better for the ocean, better for the body.

Interested in the alternative fish products of Moving Mountains®? Or their already proven range of meat alternatives