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Diviande offers frozen steaks oven ready

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Diviande has a new development in its ‘Easy Cooking’ line. It is now possible to prepare steaks straight from the freezer in the oven or air fryer. No need for defrosting, by following the indicated temperature and cooking times every steak will come out of the oven perfectly, whether it is medium rare, medium or well done. The concept is available to both professionals (foodservice) and home cooks (retail).


Innovation is a top priority for Diviande, and we respond to trends. It is getting harder and harder for restaurants to find good chefs and have good profit margins. The pressure in kitchens is high. Diviande meets this trend by merging quality with convenience. It is a major time saver not to have to defrost steaks first. The risk of wasting food is less and it is cost efficient.

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Delegations from well-known professional oven brands were introduced in Diviande’s Experience Centre to the Easy Cooking products. The consistent preparation within minutes and tasty results from the frozen steaks was met enthusiastically. Pre-programmed settings for perfect preparation of various Easy Cooking products are available for the most used brands (like Alto-Shaam, Turbochef and Rational).
Currently the renewed Easy Cooking product range holds 10 foodservice items. This cooking technique also offers the option to create tailor made products.

For home cooks Easy Cooking steaks have been developed not just for the oven but also for the air fryer and. A juicy, well prepared steak is now within everybody’s reach. Easy Cooking is not just quick and convenient, it also contributes to a healthier lifestyle because no butter or oil is needed. Retail prices for this quality steak are very attractive. Currently the retail product range holds 12 items.

Interested in the extended Easy Cooking concept and / or looking for your own experience? Please contact Diviande.

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Diviande is an international and innovative producer of high-quality meat. It handles the portioning and vacuum packaging of quality meat for Retail, Catering, Cash and Carry and Leisure markets. Traditionally Diviande specializes in supplying deep-frozen products, but freshly pre-packed meat is also possible.

In addition to private label convenience concepts for professionals and consumers, Diviande also has its own brands such as Portionfrost® and Passion for Meat (which includes the Easy Cooking line) and The Meatlovers. Skill and innovation go hand in hand at Diviande. All its employees are professionals, with heart for the butcher’s trade, and working with care to meet customers’ wishes. Diviande is BRC and IFS certified.

With over 25 years of experience in meat products and freezer technology, you can trust Diviande to be the right address for quality meat and convenience concepts.