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Expanding grain fed beef assortment with Evita’s Choice

Jan Zandbergen Group - Argentinië runderen

Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat expands its already broad range of grain fed beef with an extra origin; high quality grain fed beef from Argentina. The meat importer has developed the brand Evita’s Choice for this purpose.


Argentina is one of the top 3 beef exporters. Good, tasty beef is linked to Argentina’s identity. It explains why you will find Argentinian steakhouses all over the world. Under the name ‘Evita’s Choice’ Jan Zandbergen B.V. offers high quality grain fed Argentinian beef. By referring to the charismatic Eva Perón, Jan Zandbergen is combining two Argentine symbols with the Evita’s Choice brand.

Jan Zandbergen Group - verpakking Evita's Choice rundvlees

Evita’s Choice is meat from Hereford and Angus cattle and from cross breeding them with Brahman breed. In the resulting Braford and Brangus cattle the successful characteristics of the parents are combined, allowing them to thrive in many climates, being well resistant against disease and producing excellent quality beef.
The cattle live on the vast pampas. In the final stage, the cattle go to spacious feedlots. For a period of at least 100 days they receive a special diet with grain as the main ingredient, resulting in extra taste.

Evita’s Choice complements the range of high quality beef of Jan Zandbergen B.V. The company has previously introduced successful grain fed beef concepts on the European market from Australia (1788), Uruguay (Charrua) and USA (Family’s Beef). With this expansion, Jan Zandbergen B.V. strengthens its position as the partner where foodservice and retail turn to for a full range of increasingly popular grain fed beef.

For more information about grain fed beef and the cuts offered by Jan Zandbergen B.V., see or contact our sales department. Phone 0318 – 563 563 or e-mail