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Expansion of the product range of The Meatlovers

Jan Zandbergen Group - The Meatlovers - Jonathan Zandbergen

At the start of 2016, Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat introduced a new meat concept to the retail market; The Meatlovers. A wide range of frozen meat allowing consumers to take the restaurant experience  home. As of week 46 the range has been expanded with game and poultry products. The product range of The Meatlovers now holds over 50 items.

The game product range includes venison, roe deer steak, saddle of hare, as well as venison or wild boar pieces for a delicious stew and whole leg of hare and rabbit legs. For poultry products you can think of turkey fillet, duck breast, pheasant fillet and ostrich steak, but also of quail, whole turkey and whole guinea fowl. Of course, the vacuum-packed ‘steak’ products are –just as the already existing steaks-  packed in very attractive boxes with information about the origin of the meat and flavouring suggestions. Additionally, a recipe card can be found in the box.

The expansion of The Meatlovers does not end with just a wider range. The number of stores where the brand is available is steadily growing. In the Netherlands consumers can buy The Meatlovers ( at more than 60 Jumbo Supermarkets. Of course it is also available at Jumbo Online and thus available to almost all local Jumbo stores. Furthermore, the first sales to German retail are a fact.


The concept of frozen meat consists of 3 lines: easy burgers for every meat lover, inspiring steaks for the passionate home chef and larger cuts for the professional home chef. It is high quality meat and portioned and vacuum packed by experienced butchers. The meat is then quickly and professionally frozen.  You could say that The Meatlovers products are frozen quality. This method requires no artificial additives and extends the shelf life considerably. With The Meat Lovers consumers can always have a good quality cut in the freezer and after defrosting the meat will still be at its best!

Quality and taste are paramount at The Meatlovers. In addition, everything needs to look appealing as well. Burgers and steaks are packed in cartons with an exclusive appearance to match the quality. Information about the origin of the meat and flavour suggestions are listed on the box. Inside the box the consumer will find a recipe card. The larger pieces of meat are not in a box, but are provided with a band.