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Jan Zandbergen Group - sectoren - foodservice


We are a trusted partner for many trade butchers, cash & carry wholesalers and other foodservice companies. We carry everything they need in the area of meat products: from beef, lamb and pork to poultry and game meat – and even meat alternatives. We have a guaranteed volume of basic products in stock and we can deliver to any destination in Europe.

Moreover, we are steadily expanding our range of convenience concepts for clients in hospitality and catering. Professional cooks often must work under a lot of pressure, and you strive to offer your guests a perfect experience. Quality and presentation are both important aspects in this context. We can support you in this respect with a selection of portion-controlled products, frozen products and products that are very easy to prepare – or even fully cooked in some cases.

Jan Zandbergen Group - foodservice - horeca



  • Primal cuts from a number of breeds, including Black Angus and Wagyu from Australia, the US and South America


  • Steaks
  • Burgers
  • Minced meat
  • Sausages
  • Carpaccio
  • Kebabs

Seasonal specialities

  • Game meat
  • Poultry
  • Lamb
  • Veal


  • Fully cooked meal components


  • Meat alternatives
  • Vegetarian lunch meat
  • Hybrid products


Traditional bistros or Michelin starred restaurants, fast-casual eateries, catering firms or institutional kitchens: they all set their own requirements for the ingredients they order. We know the ins and outs of the hospitality and catering business and have the products to match. This ensures that we can supply you – and your customers – with exactly the right products.

We work to stay on top of the latest trends in hospitality and catering. We know what’s going on in the sector and which products are in demand as a result. And we have ensured that our programme is prepared for these developments. High quality, convenience, sustainability: whatever your requirement, we can offer an extensive range of appropriate products.

Efficiency is key in quite a few professional kitchens. To cater to this basic requirement, we have developed various products that are easy to prepare at short notice and help to reduce your operating costs.

We can offer both bulk and smaller-sized packaging for wholesale and cash & carry. If you wish to offer packaging in a specific language, we are happy to develop a localised version.

For some of our brands, we are also happy to supply flyers, banners and the like that restaurant owners can use in their establishment. We look forward to thinking along with you about how our brands could be presented to customers on your menu.


Jan Zandbergen Group - 1788 beef - Australisch rundvlees


All beef sold under our own brand 1788 is sourced from the Australian state of New South Wales. This region is renowned for its unspoilt nature and rolling green plains. The cattle are raised on grain for a period of 120 days. This special diet leads to a delicate marbling of the animals’ meat, which contributes to its superior tenderness and full-bodied flavour. This beef can be recognised by the delicate lines of intramuscular fat running through the lean, its perfect juiciness and its fine texture, which almost melts in your mouth.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains® foodservice package


Jan Zandbergen is the exclusive EU distributor of Moving Mountains: plant-based products that in terms of appearance, taste, aroma and bite are an extremely close match with their meat-based counterparts. This premium brand is greatly appreciated by vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat lovers alike.

Jan Zandbergen Group - hoge kwaliteit burgers - rundvlees


A prominent trend seen in hospitality right now is ‘fast-casual’: eateries that bridge the gap between traditional restaurants and fast-food chains. Good quality food that is prepared within minutes for the guests, in some cases even with the option to personalise your order. Two other trends that are also gaining ground are bar food and food trucks. A good burger aligns very well with each of these new concepts: an old-school patty made of pure meat. Jan Zandbergen offers a range of high-quality options – trendy, cool and full of flavour.


  • Australisch Black Angus
  • 120 dagen graangevoerd
  • Black Angus uit de USA
  • 120 dagen maïsgevoerd
  • Hereford, Wagyu en Angus uit Uruguay
  • 120 dagen graangevoerd
  • Braford, Brangus, Hereford en Angus
  • 120 dagen graangevoerd
Jan Zandbergen Group - logo Arena Montaña - Jan Zandbergen
  • Geportioneerd rundvlees
  • Varken spareribs
Jan Zandbergen Group - logo Sidera - Superior Quality Veal
  • Rosé kalfsvlees uit Nederland
  • Mager, super zacht en mals
  • Hoogwaardig lamsvlees
  • Bevroren en geportioneerd
  • Geïnjecteerde en getumbelde kip
  • Uit verschillende landen
Jan Zandbergen Group - logo Horizon - Jan Zandbergen
  • Lamsvlees uit Nieuw-Zeeland
  • Hoge kwaliteit
Jan Zandbergen Group - logo Emporer's Choice - Jan Zandbergen
  • Geroosterd, gemarineerd gevogelte
  • Afkomstig uit China
  • Voorgegaarde kipproducten
  • Convenience product
  • Plantaardige vleesvervangers
  • Exclusieve distributeur
  • Cook from frozen
  • Convenience product
  • Plantaardige vleesvervangers
  • Gefocust op de toekomst
  • Plantaardige vleesvervangers
  • Maaltijdcomponenten en vegawaren