Customs, processing, packaging, storage, distribution; we manage all the links in the chain ourselves, under one roof. Thanks to this full-service concept, we can ensure the quality of the entire process and are very flexible and able to respond quickly to individual customer requests.



Jan Zandbergen has a total storage capacity of 20,000 tons for frozen and fresh meat, all from a single location. This makes us one of the larger stockists of meat in Europe. We stock virtually all products. The temperature in our cold stores is continuously monitored by an advanced computer system.

Tempering room
Do you order frozen products which you then need to bring up to temperature for further processing within your operations? We can do this for you in our own tempering room. Consequently batches can immediately enter your business process upon delivery, saving you time, effort and space. Download PDF for more information.


Our latest (2015) and largest cold stores are equipped with an automatic crane system. This enhances the flexibility of the organisation, as it enables the large majority of orders to be delivered throughout Western Europe within 24 hours.
We have our own fleet of vehicles consisting of modern lorries that comply with all relevant criteria. The lorries are air-conditioned and the temperature of the products is continually monitored. Our drivers are also tasked with maintaining high standards. Transport is further supplemented with a competent external network.
One of the greatest strengths of Jan Zandbergen is the speed and efficiency of its distribution: ordered today, delivered tomorrow (within Western Europe). Reliable delivery times are essential.

Own production facility

In our production facility, we prepare pork and poultry. After inspection on acceptance, this fresh meat is expertly processed by our own staff into the required semi-manufactures and deep-frozen in special fast-freeze tunnel freezers. The entire process takes place in accordance with BRC guidelines.

For food services and retailers, the portioning and vacuum packaging of all kinds of meat is also possible. This is done at our subsidiary Diviande.

High-risk packaging line
We have a packaging line contained within a so-called high-risk area, although we prefer the term ‘high-care’. In an enclosed area and under protective conditions, we can package ready-to-use products for you. We can meet many different requirements. Various types of bags are available. The plastic bags – with or without your own design – can be provided with labels. We can also print text onto the packaging.
Also when it comes to quantities, there are many possibilities. Packagings can be made up from 300 grams to 10 kilograms.

Quality service

Jan Zandbergen works with its own quality assurance service. When the meat arrives in Veenendaal it is inspected by our professional quality assurance assistants in terms of quality and specifications. Our quality department has a well-equipped laboratory and guarantees the quality of our meat on a daily basis.

BRC certified
Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat is BRC certifiied. This is a standard that was drawn up by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Jan Zandbergen received BRC Grade AA for both the Food Safety component and for the Storage & Distribution component. A BRC class AA certification indicates that work is carried out according to strict quality standards. Customers worldwide can be assured that Jan Zandbergen controls its corporate processes and that food safety is guaranteed.
Download BRC Certificate Food
Download BRC Certificate Storage & Distribution

QS certification
QS stands for Qualität und Sicherheit fur Lebensmittel vom Erzeuger bis zum Verbraucher. The QS certification system is set up by the German food industry. Regarding the meat sector the QS system requires quality control throughout the entire chain, from birth to slaughter and processing. Traceability of raw materials and transparency of production are important elements. Animal protection is also part of this. The rules apply to German and imported products.
Jan Zandbergen is QS certified. To download the certificate, click here.

Skal certificate
Jan Zandbergen is moreover in possession of a Skal certificate. The object of the Skal Foundation is to offer consumers certainty that a product with an “organic” label really was produced organically.


For an organisation that imports meat and poultry from overseas, it is essential to manage customs-related issues properly. This is why we have an in-house team of specialists and trained declarants to take care of all import/export and customs services. This enables us to organise customs clearance ourselves to a certain extent. Our employees also maintain contact with the Customs Administration and have excellent knowledge of licences and licence management.


Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat is AEO-certified, which serves as proof that specific business processes within the organisation are well regulated. An AEO must, for example, be financially healthy and possess transparent product administration. All of these elements indicate that an AEO-certified business is a reliable partner.