Logo future food groupProtein rich food of the future’ – that is the vision of the Future Food Group which started early October this year. Future Food Group intends to be a prominent part of the innovation and production of sustainable and ecofriendly meat products but mainly meat alternatives. Mr Anton Bal is the director of Future Food Group, which is located in Oss, the Netherlands.

To meet this ambition, a partnership with Jan Zandbergen has been formed. The commercial efforts for the Future Food Group in the EU will be made by Jan Zandbergen and will assist in bringing the Future Food Group to a prominent place in the world of food.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a high priority at the new company meaning that they focus on healthy, tasty, sustainable products among which are vegan and organic products. For ‘the food of tomorrow’ the Future Food Group aims primarily for the development of innovative plant-based products. Despite that focus, meat as protein source will also remain an area of interest. Among the many possibilities, research into cultured meat is also considered as well as organic meat concepts. 

Most products from the extensive range of meat alternatives are made from protein rich plants like chickpeas or algae. For example, snacks, meal components and vegan deli meats. Future Food Group’s markets are primarily retail/cash&carry, out of home and foodservice. Additionally, products can be delivered under private label or under one of Future Food Group’s brands.