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Future Food Group unveils flying start Future Farm in the United Kingdom

Brazilian foodtech company Future Farm is off to a flying start in 2021. As of January their range of meat alternatives is available in Sainsbury’s across the UK – just in time for the annual ‘Veganuary’ tradition.

Future Farm, already the market leader in Brazil, has been expanding rapidly. In collaboration with the Future Food Group, the exclusive EU and UK supplier of Future Farm and a member of the Jan Zandbergen Group, they entered The Netherlands early last year with plans to move into other European markets. The current momentum they have in the UK is testament to a fruitful collaboration.

Jan Zandbergen Group - logo Future Farm - Future Food Group

The sales numbers – driven by an introduction promo until January 18 – are exceeding expectations. With the Future Burger, Future Meatball, Future Sausage and Future Mince nation-wide available in the United Kingdom, Future Farm has set itself up to be one of the winners of Veganuary, traditionally the most important month of the year for plant based meat producers.

Future products
Future Farm’s high-quality products have the same texture, juiciness and meat flavour as meat, but are completely plant-based as well as gluten free. By producing faux meat based on plants Future Farm contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and unnecessary animal suffering. Future Farm believes that the combination of innovation, sustainability and taste can revolutionize the world – one burger at a time.

To enter the EU and UK market, Future Farm has partnered up with the Dutch Future Food Group (FFG) since April 2020. Future Food Group, member of the Jan Zandbergen Group, is the exclusive EU and UK supplier of Future Farm. Laurens Zandbergen, Marketing Manager of Future Food Group; “The vision we have with Future Food Group is to create ‘protein-rich food of the future’. We have partnered up with Future Farm, which like us, is an innovative food producer with quality and sustainability as their core values. We are thrilled to see Brazil’s most popular plant-based brand being introduced in the UK with our help.”
Marcos Leta, founder of Future Farm agrees to this; “We looked for a partner with similar innovative DNA to help us execute our vision in Europe and Future Food Group has proven to be it. Our brand is gaining traction, and we are looking forward to conquering more markets together.”

Future Farm products are available for both Foodservice / Cash and Carry and Retail.

Parties interested in the Future products can contact Future Food Group