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We have been a trusted partner of the European food industry for decades. Our clients include producers of sliced meats, meat alternatives, snacks, meals and salads. We work according to the client’s individual specifications, enter into long-term contractual agreements and in many cases can deliver at short notice.

Since we handle processing, storage and distribution in house, we are able to quickly respond to new requests or requirements. And in the meantime, you can enjoy the reliability that comes with a major, established supplier: we deliver the goods – every time round.

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A selection of products from our range







We have an exceptionally diverse range that we look forward to tailoring to your needs, for optimal integration with your processes. Examples include:

Do you have a challenge for us? With our passion for innovation and flexibility, we’d love to take it on! We have a wealth of experience and expertise, and extensive network and can handle a wide range of services in-house. We enjoy thinking along with you about your product inquiries – so that together, we can arrive at a custom solution.

We focus on offering efficiency within your operational process. After close consultation, we can supply products completely according to your specifications and preferences. We can make agreements regarding aspects like fat content, dimensions and weight. And we can also deliver the products to you in all sorts of ways – entirely according to your wishes.

Do you need a specific calibration and/or weight for optimal integration with your process? Provide us with the margins and we will deliver the corresponding product.

Particularly in the case of chicken as a meal component, we can offer a whole range of preparation options. From cooked or roasted to marinated, with a powder coating or glazed. And we can also pre-cook other product types according to your specifications, so you no longer need to include this step in your own process.

Did you order frozen products that first need to be brought up to the right temperature before they can be processed? If you wish, we can do this beforehand for you in our own tempering room. This means that you can start processing a new shipment as soon as it is delivered to your facility – saving you time and storage space.

Our location includes a blast freezer, meaning we can also supply IQF products. If it is more convenient for your operational process to work with products that aren’t frozen together and are easily removed from a separate package, IQF is the perfect solution.

From pallet boxes to crates, with or without bags: we offer a wide range of options when it comes to packaging, delivery and logistics. Simply let us know what you prefer.

Thanks to the combination of stock continuity and our own delivery fleet, we can also supply to order and work with just-in-time deadlines. This flexibility means that we can complete a large share of our deliveries to destinations throughout Western Europe within a 24-hour timeframe.

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We offer a wide range of chicken-based products to cater to the growing demand for high-quality chicken.

We import cooked, roasted, fried, coated and marinated poultry products for the European market. Our strategic partnerships with local producers allow us to source high-quality products from Thailand and China. Our selection ranges from ‘off-the-shelf’ products to tailor-made solutions for specific client requests. We have a centralised storage and distribution organisation that guarantees the swift and efficient delivery of your orders.

In addition, we also supply fresh and frozen chicken and turkey products, including IQF-calibrated chicken breast, tenderloins and chicken fillets. Our partner for chilled chicken products is the Ukrainian firm MHP (Mironivsky Hliboproduct). MHP has one of Europe’s most advanced production facilities. In addition, the company is BRC-class A certified, meaning it satisfies all stringent quality and safety regulations in place within the EU. We source our frozen products from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Thailand and Ukraine. Where desired, we can also bring frozen chicken products to the right temperature for you via tightly controlled tempering.