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Jan Zandbergen Group launches Chevide; the fastest way of slow cooking

From mid-February 2022, Jan Zandbergen Group offers a range of slow-cooked prepared meat products for the catering market under the name ‘Chevide’. With these products, chefs can offer their guests slow-cooked, tasty meat dishes of a consistently high quality, without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Staff shortages in catering kitchens and long preparation times do not go hand in hand. Meanwhile, consumers increasingly value a quality culinary experience over quantity. This trend is also known as artisan enjoyment. In order to be able to put high-quality slow-cooked dishes such as stew, pork belly and pulled pork on the menu with ease and without wasting much time, Jan Zandbergen Group has developed ‘Chevide’ for the catering industry. A line of pre-cooked meat products with which chefs can easily offer their guests slow-cooked, tasty meat dishes of constant quality.

For chefs, by chefs

The Chevide products are prepared from craftsmanship, by collaboration between butchers and chefs. This way, high quality is assured. Chevide’s products are cooked low & slow, mainly sous-vide. The meat is -usually provided with herbs, marinade or a rub- heated in a vacuum-packed water bath at a relatively low and constant temperature. The result is a gradual and even cooking. As a result, volume, taste, juices, vitamins and optimal texture remain present to a greater extent. This way, Chevide can offer authentic and tasty meat dishes with perfect slow-cooked cooking and a long shelf life.

During the development of Chevide, Jan Zandbergen Group introduced several chefs to the concept and the products. They were pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the quality, taste and possibilities of the products. They also gave tips for further expanding the range. The chefs’ experiences can be found on the Chevide website.

Personal touch from the chef

Because the correct cooking has already been done, the products only need to be finished in the kitchen. The meat products leave enough imagination for the chef’s own creative signature. All attention can go to tasty side dishes and a beautiful presentation to customize the dish.

Assortment & availability

The products are delivered vacuum packed in boxes. The content per package and per box depends on the type of product. For example, a box of veal blade steaks contains 4 pieces of 2.2 kg each and a box of French duck legs contains 10 pieces of 320 grams. A selection of Chevide’s other pre-cooked products; Indian lamb curry, whole chicken with sweet-spicy rub, American brisket, lamb shank, mustard-glazed corn chicken supréme, Indonesian rendang, Eastern pork belly and beef blade steak in gravy.

The Chevide range varies from beef to veal, pork, game and poultry and offers restaurants various options to enrich the menu. Due to the slow-cooked preparation, the meat has a long shelf life. The products can be delivered fresh or frozen. The fresh items have a shelf life of 42 days.

For more information about this convenience concept for chefs, visit Market parties interested in samples and the option to include the products in their range can contact the sales department of Jan Zandbergen Group.