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Jan Zandbergen Group takes on leading role through ‘Innovation that Matters’

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Society and the world in general are increasingly moving toward sustainability and quality, with the eating habits of consumers changing as a result. Consumers have different demands than before, and are seeking out products and services that meet them. Recent events have led to a deluge of changes, which is having a major impact on consumers – and on businesses in the food and hospitality industry. Jan Zandbergen is aiming to take responsibility and play a leading role in this changing world.

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The organisation has not stood idly by in the past five years; it has expanded its range of products considerably and is increasingly turning to innovative concepts and product development. While Jan Zandbergen is continuing to focus on high quality meat, it is also developing and producing hybrid meat as well as vegetarian and vegan products for existing and specific target groups. Together with sister companies Diviande and Future Food Group, the organisation is adding value to its new product range and helping to shape the eating habits of tomorrow. Now it will unveil its new strategy to the world (the company’s 65th anniversary) in the form of ‘Innovation that matters’ – the driving force behind the Jan Zandbergen Group.

Sustainable innovation

Jan Zandbergen is a modern family company with boundless ambition and a strong vision. Peter-Paul Zandbergen, CEO of the Jan Zandbergen Group: ‘With the global food supply in a state of flux, this calls for new insights and solutions. We have the means to make an impact and to actually make a difference to people’s eating habits as they evolve. I firmly believe innovation is the key to success. That doesn’t mean we’re blindly fishing for it, of course. Common sense continues to be our guiding light. We look for the right resources and capacity and take advantage of an extensive network. By being innovative on a sustainable level, we can continue to devise solutions for the meat and meat-substitute industry as a whole.

As we are already trying to identify the needs of future consumers today, we understand more than ever how to stay relevant in a market that is constantly changing. Working with our sister companies and various brands, we serve the retail, food service and industry sectors. From importing raw materials to developing and producing complete food concepts, we take care of it all.’

From importing raw materials to developing and producing complete food concepts, we take care of it all.

Staying relevant in a dynamic market

A key part of this new strategy is that the R&D, Product Development, Quality and Marketing departments will expressly receive the space they need to work on trailblazing solutions at the organisation’s Innovation Centre in the heart of the Dutch Food Valley. The company is also further investing in partner programmes so that it can develop innovative concepts, products and services in collaboration with clients and partners. In a rapidly changing market, the resulting synergy will help to position the Jan Zandbergen Group as the right partner for sustainable innovation in the market for meat and meat substitutes.

Parties interested in the new strategy, developments, new brands and products of the Jan Zandbergen Group should get in touch by email at or by phone on +31 (0) 318 563 563.