The success of Jan Zandbergen World Wide Quality in Meat is fuelled by people. Our professionals link up their knowledge of products, markets and prices to our customers’ demand. Jan Zandbergen employs talented professionals from near and afar, people who bring the world together and who are continually engaged in acquiring and exchanging information.

Product knowledge

Nothing is more important than knowing what you sell. Of course our staff in the Production Department are knowledgeable about butchery but the sales managers are also familiar with all available cuts.

Together with you, our customer, Jan Zandbergen can develop new products catered to your specific wishes. Our sales managers, food technicians and quality department are there to work with you. Different recipes, adaptations to size to allow the product to meet the requirements of your processes, packaging with your house style. We consider each request to be an interesting challenge.

Our product knowledge also extends further down the chain. Before Jan Zandbergen starts working with a supplier we want to see first hand where the meat comes from, what the life of the animals is like and what the slaughter and processing procedures are.

Market knowledge

The meat market is dynamic. Regulations, exchange rates etc. ensure each day is different. At Jan Zandbergen this information is up to date and anticipated.
Market knowledge is more than knowing about price. It also includes infrastructure and eating habits in a country for example.

Our international, sales team monitor prices and consumer preferences and are anticipating those. This shows in our contact with customers when suggesting the product most interesting to the customer. Not a quick sell of the best or cheapest bit of meat but – based on up to date knowledge – decide together which product fits best and results in higher returns for the customer.


Jan Zandbergen has deep roots in the meat market resulting in a wide network. From close business relations with suppliers worldwide to sales markets in Western Europe to being member of the board of DMIA (Dutch Meat Import Association). Located in Veenendaal we are in the Food valley close to many related agencies and colleagues in the food industry.


Our staff share this knowledge with you. We contact our customers proactively and join them in brainstorming sessions. Your business is our business. Our focal point is partnership with our customers. Our approach ensures the optimisation of profit for your business.