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Plant-based burger available across Europe

Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains® Burger

British plant-based meat start-up Moving Mountains® and Jan Zandbergen, one of Europe’s largest meat companies, partnered up to make the Moving Mountains trademark meatless ‘bleeding’ burger available across Europe.


Jan Zandbergen becomes the exclusive EU (minus UK) supplier of the plant-based burger of Moving Mountains Foods. Plant-based protein products are an upcoming market. For Jan Zandbergen it will be the first time ever to distribute a plant-based product. For Moving Mountains, it will be its biggest deal to date, and it will place the Moving Mountains Burger onto the menus of thousands of restaurants, cafes and fast food eateries across the whole of Europe through Jan Zandbergen’s distribution network.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains® Burger

We closely follow trends and developments within the meat sector, and we've noticed a huge shift in interest and demand with our customers.

British consumers are no stranger of The Moving Mountains Burger as the company has earned quite some media sensation and recently revealed that it has secured distribution at over 1000 UK restaurants in a single year. It is appraised by The Sun “best ever veg pattie”, The Independent “The best vegan burger in the UK”, The Times “There’s a definite meaty pickness to it” and National Geographic “Blameless Burgers”. The success and rapid growth in the UK make expanding into the rest of Europe a logical next step for the company.

Simeon Van Der Molen, CEO of Moving Mountains comments “We are entering a strong period of growth with the Moving Mountains Burger now available in over 1000 restaurants in the UK. Being part of Jan Zandbergen’s significant distribution network means outlets across Europe will be able to get both their meat and plant-based meat products from the same place making market penetration faster. A deal with one of Europe’s largest meat suppliers is a key part of our growth strategy as the UK embarks on a new relationship with the world.”

Peter-Paul Zandbergen, CEO of Jan Zandbergen comments: “We offer worldwide quality in meat for our demanding EU customers in foodservice and retail. We respond to trends and developments in the meat sector on a daily basis and see a significant shift in consumer interest and demand. This is the first time ever we are supplying plant-based meat such as Moving Mountains and we’re proud to support a British start-up that’s leading the way in plant-based innovation. As a family business, we are also very much aware of our future generations. It is our responsibility to cooperate in preserving and restoring the environment. Starting with plant-based meat products, provides us with the opportunity to respond to the changing market and at the same time contribute to the environment.”

Jochem Versloot, Managing Director of Jan Zandbergen comments: “One of our core values is to always go for the best product. Moving Mountains has achieved this with developing one of the most realistic meat alternatives the world has seen. After tasting this burger, we were confident that Moving Mountains is the company to partner with to enter the alternative protein market. With an incredible 25g of plant protein per 6oz burger patty, an unrivalled texture, juiciness and mouthfeel, we believe that this is the product of 2019!”


Moving Mountains has spent more than three years developing its plant-based burger that sizzles, smells, bleeds and tastes like meat. It took a team of leading scientists, chefs and farmers with over 500 test kitchen recipes to create the final product. The company believes this is set to be one of the most impactful food inventions of the century. Each burger is rich in of vegetable protein (for example the 6 oz burger contains 25g of plant protein), is vegan and free from antibiotics and hormones. The main ingredients of the Moving Mountains burger are oyster mushrooms, pea, wheat and soy proteins, as well as oats. Beetroot juice creates an authentic ‘bleed’ and the addition of vitamin B12 makes the burger a source of essential nutrients. Its manufacture requires significantly less land and water and gives rise to fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional meat production,” added Simeon Van der Molen, founder of Moving Mountains.

Aimed at the ever-growing number of meat-reducers and flexitarians, the burger can also be enjoyed by vegan’s and meat lovers alike. Moving Mountains are developing various other meat alternative products with the appearance, taste, smell and bite that is akin to animal meat for everyone to sumptuously enjoy.

Foodservice companies that are interested in the Moving Mountains Burger can place their orders through Jan Zandbergen as they are already made available. These currently come in three different weight categories; 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz.