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Everlamb, portion-controlled lamb steaks for foodservice

Jan Zandbergen Group - Everlamb lammeren Nieuw-Zeeland

Jan Zandbergen BV has a new meat brand for the food service; Everlamb. Everlamb contains a wide range of frozen lamb for the catering industry. The portioned steaks offer professional chefs several advantages.

The lamb is cut precisely and into standard portions (size and / or weight). For the catering industry this has many advantages such as easier preparation, no cutting losses and a uniform presentation meeting demand of many chefs. The assortment of Everlamb holds lamb chops, lamb saddles and lamb shanks, but also products like lamb burgers, minced meat and medallions.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Everlamb foodservice doos

Jan Zandbergen gets the meat from the best regions known for their lamb such as New Zealand, Patagonia, and Ireland. The meat originates from areas where the life of lambs is good and quality is self-evident. This guarantees that Everlamb always delivers the best meat.

Quality, taste and convenience come first at Everlamb. It also has to look good, so the products are packed in boxes with an exclusive look, matching its quality. People who are interested in Everlamb can find more information about this new brand and its products at