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New brand Roosterz&Co for foodservice and retail

Jan Zandbergen Group - Roosterz&Co 100% premium chicken

Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat introduces a new brand; Roosterz&Co.
Under the brand Roosterz&Co a wide range of frozen chicken products are sold. For the foodservice, a so-called ‘professional’ line has been developed, with 2.5 kg packs of convenience chicken products. For retailers, there is a range of chicken bites in a sturdy package of 300 grams, suitable for preparation in the airfryer and oven.


For the retail, delicious chicken bites have been developed. Roosterz&Co chicken bites are robust, hand-cut pieces of high quality chicken fillet (about 25 grams). A good mouthful of one piece tender chicken breast, in a tasty and crispy jacket. The deep-frozen bites are specially developed for easy preparation in the oven or airfryer while maintaining its crunch. The chicken bites are available in 9 different flavours including Southern Fried, BBQ-Honey, Rosemary Garlic and Sweet Chili. In an approximately 300 grams sturdy package are about 12 pieces. The products are halal and can be served as finger food during, for example, cocktail hours as well as a delicious appetizer.
Albert Heijn is the first Dutch supermarket that incorporates the Roosterz&Co bites in her assortment.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Roosterz&Co zakken kipbites


Chicken is a popular piece of meat. The demand for chicken products continues to grow, also in food service and catering. With a broad professional line product range, Roosterz&Co meets this demand. Roosterz&Co has the professional range divided into five categories: Cooked, Roasted, Fried, Coated and Marinated. Each category can be identified by its own colour on the packaging. In addition, the packaging has a viewing window and is labelled with product information in 9 languages. Within each category there are various products available such as dices, strips, slices, inner filet, filet and / or wings. The bites are also available in this large packaging. The salt content in the products is low and they are halal. This allows for them to be used by a large number of groups with specific dietary wishes and requirements (such as the elderly, various cultures). Because the products are already fully cooked, they are easy to use in dishes.


When it comes to chicken, we know everything. Chicken is our specialty. Our passion. 100% quality chicken is our standard. We happily share our passion, both with chefs and consumers. For almost every target group and use we have a suitable chicken product. Roosterz&Co products are halal and easy to prepare. With Roosterz&Co you will always enjoy chicken at its best.
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