Oriental food products sell well in the European market. Jan Zandbergen also has a suitable range of meat products for the foodservice and retailers in Europe targeting Chinese / Asian food items. For this we have partnerships with major players in Thailand and China that meet strict quality standards.

If required Jan Zandbergen can develop -together with you and our Asian suppliers- new products that will suit your needs like different ways of preparation. For example boiled and cooked-fried but also marinated, powder coated, glazed, etc. Customized calibration for the product to meet your business processes is also possible. Please check with our R&D department.

We have among others the following products in our range that fits Asian cuisine. For a complete overview, please contact the sales department.




  • Spareribs (loinribs en/of bellyribs)
  •  Colar (boneless)
  • Head of tenderloin
  • Other pork

Lamb and/or mutton