With a wide range of fresh grain fed beef from various parts of the world, Jan Zandbergen is the one-stop shop where European foodservice and retail can turn to for a full range of increasingly popular grain fed beef. But also other fresh or frozen beef is possible.

Grain fed – Fresh

Family Beef Black Angus Beef


Straight from Kansas, the Corn Belt of the USA and the heart of American BBQ culture comes our USA Beef. A special diet with the best corn creates a nice marbling and soft, tender flavour of the meat.
For grain fed beef of a consistently high quality from the USA, we work with Family’s Beef. Family’s Beef is one of the largest beef processors in the USA and has strict agreements with all parties in the chain to ensure quality and food safety.


For our own brand, ‘1788‘, we exclusively use livestock from New South Wales, a part of Australia renowned for its unspoiled nature and expansive green plains. Here, the Angus beef cattle can graze to their heart’s content for 26 months and are in turn fed grain for 120 days. This special diet ensures that their meat is ‘marbled,’ which contributes to its superior tenderness and richness of taste.
A selection of the cattle is not 120 but even 200 days grain fed fattened. This top line – under the name 1788 Platinum – is extra special because only the most tasteful breed, pure Black Angus , is used.


Under the name Charrua we offer you the unique combination of South American quality and the taste experience of grain fed beef.
Cattle in Uruguay live in a true paradise. The fertile soils, wide open green spaces, a multitude of rivers and streams and a temperate climate provide ideal conditions to guarantee animal welfare.
During the final stage of at least 120 days the cattle are fed a specially balanced diet mainly composed of grain. This results in meat which is fine, lightly marbled and pure in taste. In addition to meat from Hereford cattle, it is also possible to deliver Angus beef from Uruguay.


Evita’s Choice puts the symbol of Argentina on your plate; high quality grain-fed beef.
Evita’s Choice mainly supplies meat from the Braford, Brangus, Hereford and Angus breeds. The cattle live 20 to 26 months in total freedom on the extensive pampa. Gauchos keep an eye on them. After living on the pampa, the cattle go to spaciously set up feedlots, where they receive a special diet with grain as the main ingredient, resulting in balanced extra “intra-muscular” fat providing extra flavour.


Botswana Meat Commission


Through extensive farming and using sustainable farming methods, the Botswana Meat Commission helped develop the nation and its foreign export. Their natural fed cattle, grazing on the plains of Botswana, produce full-flavoured, lean beef of exceptional quality, and a long shelf life of six months. This is made possible through facilities of the highest degree with one of the best hygiene plans in the world. Jan Zandbergen recognized the dedication and passion of BMC to deliver only the highest of standards. Jan Zandbergen now has 100% exclusivity for the sales and distribution of Botswana Beef in the EU.

South America

Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat imports both fresh and frozen beef from South American Hereford, Angus and Zebu cattle. The expansive plains of Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina ensure a product of high quality and fine taste. Through the contacts it has built up through the years with renowned abattoirs, Jan Zandbergen is able to ensure that it provides high-quality beef which undergoes strict quality controls under EU norms. In addition to its beef from these famous abattoirs, Jan Zandbergen also supplies its own beef under the brand name Arena Montaña.

New Zealand

The cattle that graze on New Zeeland’s expansive green plains are bred with passion. The fertile conditions here are extraordinarily conducive to the optimum form of cattle breeding and raising.

Cooked Beef

We also import cooked beef from South America. Various protein contents allow for order made products for the industry or for convenience foods for the food service industry.