Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat offers a wide range chilled, frozen and cooked poultry products for the food service, retail and industrial sectors. As one of the biggest chicken importers in the European Union, Jan Zandbergen can vouch for quality and continuity. In combination with excellent stock this enables the company to make long term agreements.


We offer fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast fillet and inner fillets to the European market. The breast fillet can be supplied either with or without the inner fillet, uncalibrated or calibrated.

For most of our chilled chicken products, our partner is MHP (Mironivsky Hliboproduct) from Ukraine. It has one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. MHP is BRC grade A certified and meets all strict European quality and safety standards. To ensure quality the company controls the complete supply chain. From growing corn and producing their own feed, to trading and raising poultry, Halal slaughtering and processing. You can be assured that the products are produced from A-grade chicken.

MAP tray poultryTo ensure a short leadtime and long shelf life MHP has a state-of-the-art cutting line closer to the market, situated in The Netherlands. This production facility is working according to the highest quality standards.

Products are packed in MAP trays. This packaging preserves the fresh flavor and appearance for an extended shelf life. There are no added artificial ingredients or added preservatives.
Trays are packed in 10 kg plain white cartons, packed as 2x5kg or 4×2,5kg. Other packaging options are piece count and vacuum bags. If desired we can use cartons with your own design/labelling.


Whether you want salted, natural or peppered IQF products for the industrial sector or the food service sector, Jan Zandbergen always has what you need in stock. We import the frozen chicken products from all over the world; from South America, Asia, Ukraine and the EU home market.

Brazil is an important supplier of chicken and turkey to the European Union. Due to its favourable quota position, Jan Zandbergen plays a major role in importing from Brazil. Besides importing from Brazil, we also import high quality IQF and calibrated chicken breast fillet from Argentina and Chile.

Jan Zandbergen is a considerable importer of unsalted and salted products from Thailand. Importing Thai calibrated chicken fillet products for foodservice and industry is also interesting because of favourable conditions in Thailand. Importing specially developed products like cubes, skewers and other concepts is also possible.

RTEmagicC_Qualiko_logo_vert2.jpgAlso Ukraine is a steady supplier of IQF calibrated chicken breast fillets, innerfillets and other poultry products. Our supplier again is MHP. MHP uses the brand Qualiko.


The European Union also produces enormous amounts of chicken and turkey itself. Jan Zandbergen has good business relations throughout the European Union and supplies various products upon request or from its own stocks. Not only good quality products qualify for the food service sector, but also industrial products like mechanically separated meat and chicken skin.

Extra service:
On request, and at an additional cost, we can temper the frozen chicken products for you. Download PDF for more information.


We import cooked, roasted, fried, coated and marinated poultry products fort he EU market. Due to strategic partnerships we are able to continuously supply our customers with high quality products, mainly from Thailand and China, but also from and Ukraine. Because Thailand has been specialised in cooked products for years and English retail is an important market for Thai products, products are certified according to the highest standards in the market. For example Geneis GAP program.
The products vary from “off the shelf” products to “tailor-made” products that meet the needs of our clients.

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Or check our own brand Roosterz&Co.

Marinated Poultry

RTEmagicC_transparent_tdpoultry_02.pngIf you are looking for marinated poultry, please contact our sister company TD Poultry Processing, which focuses on the production and distribution of injected and tumbled chicken products. This process assures you of a very high quality, flavourful, tender product.


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