Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat imports and distributes a varied range of veal for foodservice and retail.

RTEmagicC_transparent_sidera_04.pngWe sell high quality rose veal under our own brand name Sidera. Only category V calves (aged up to 8 months at slaughtering) from the Netherlands and Germany are sold.

Adhering to the feeding schedule the calves are fed beestings during the first few days, after that they are fed milk with feed (corn, hay and chunks) for seven weeks. When their digestive system is working perfectly only feed is supplied resulting in the beautiful rose colouring. Veal is very tender, lean and has a pure taste to it.

Sidera veal represents a high quality standard. In order to guarantee quality veal breeders undergo a strict selection procedure and barns have to meet several requirements. Sidera cuts are specially selected and with extra care and hygiene boned and packaged immediately. Its lavish packaging again reflects its quality.

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