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Respect Ukrainian truck drivers

Jan Zandbergen Group has maintained warm ties with the Ukrainian MHP for many years.

Together with MHP Trade BV we have chosen to join forces and help the Ukrainian truck drivers who are stranded here in Veenendaal (The Netherlands). We provide them with food, drinks and other necessities. The brave drivers have all indicated that they want to drive back to their homeland, back to their families, to fight for their freedom. This also provides the chance to take humanitarian goods to where they are most needed. That is why we contacted the Ukrainian embassy. After all, they know what items are needed and they have the right contacts with aid organizations to deliver these goods. The last few days more Ukrainian drivers have gathered here, which has increased the number of Ukrainian trucks on our site to 24. Together with MHP, we ensure that they can stock up on fuel and provide them with all necessities for their way home. The first trucks have left and more will follow.

We call on other companies to also help practically and/or financially where they can. For example, giro 555 has been opened for NL or donate to another organization that feels right. The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (or your local Ukrainian embassy) can provide you with valuable information regarding charity organizations.

Our deepest respect for the drivers who are fully committed to return to their homeland, to fight for freedom. We wish them all safety on their way back and in their home country. Our thoughts are with you and Ukraine.