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We supply our clients in the European retail sector with a range of meats, meat products and meat alternatives, either under our own brands or private label. This includes products from both our fresh and our frozen product lines. You can also turn to us for raw ingredients for your butcher’s shop.

Our retail partners see us as more than just a supplier. We regularly get around the table to share information and expectations and see what else we could do for each other. The boundaries in food retail are blurring. We think along with our clients about optimising product innovations and category management. What are the trends, what is the consumer asking for and how can we strengthen each other in this context? This is what we call ‘innovation that matters’.

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The retail sector is always changing. Trends, product lines, rotation: we know which aspects matter to you and we can actively capitalise on new developments. Together we can make a difference.

We can portion products in a variety of calibrations and quantities – whatever you prefer. We also offer a wide range of packaging options. Are you considering a different recipe, an extra sachet of seasoning or would you like to add a recipe card for your customers? No problem: we’re happy to accommodate you.

We keep close track of the latest trends and forecast changes in consumer demand. This allows us to respond to important developments and constantly renew and improve our offer. High quality, convenience, sustainability: we’re always up to date on the consumer trends.

We’re constantly renewing our range, so we keep responding to the latest developments in society. Say you’re looking for a specific product, and we don’t have it in our range – or it doesn’t even exist yet? No problem: working in consultation, we’ll be sure to come up with a good solution via our partner programme. We will utilise our R&D department and extensive network to jointly satisfy your customers’ demand. And thanks to our can-do mentality and flexible organisation, we will have no trouble accommodating any special wishes you may have.

Premium products and innovative concepts deserve an image to match. When you purchase our brand products, you are free to take advantage of our market image and promotional activities. But you can also decide to have them supplied under your own private label. We look forward to thinking along with you about the best positioning and look & feel and are experienced in drawing up the most effective presentation. We’re happy to take work off your hands – or leave you to give it your own twist.

It’s one thing to get a product in the aisles, but of course, the bottom line is still made by sales – and repeat sales at that. We closely monitor this aspect by continuously analysing sales data. And where required, we’re not afraid to adapt course and re-evaluate how we can encourage sales.

We can provide you with in-shop displays and other promotional items for our brands.

Efficiency is a key factor in any distribution centre. We are aware of the importance of timely and correct deliveries. Tell us which side or sides you would like the bar code to be displayed and we will make sure our pallets are delivered according to your specifications. Do you work with transit points instead of a central centre? No problem, we also can deliver there .


Jan Zandbergen Group - Roosterz&Co kip bites


Always crunchy and full of flavour: Roosterz Bites. When you prepare chicken in an airfryer or oven, you get everything that makes this chicken so good – without the unnecessary oil associated with deep-frying. Our Roosterz&Co chicken bites are generous chunks of premium quality, hand-portioned chicken fillet (approximately 25 grams) in a tasty, crunchy coating. Roosterz&Co offers these chicken bites in several different flavours. This variety – plus the fact that they’re convenient – has made them a big hit with consumers.

Jan Zandbergen Group - The Meatlovers - Jonathan Zandbergen


We believe that nothing beats cooking with restaurant-quality meat. That’s why we launched The Meatlovers for the retail sector: carefully aged meat that has been selected at the source, professionally portioned, packed and frozen. This guarantees an optimum quality product that is protected against spoilage.


Our passion for tasty food is matched by our love of nature and the planet we live on. That’s why we’ve introduced PLNT: a range of completely plant-based products, made with ingredients that have been grown as much as possible on European soil. All PLNT products are rich in flavour, combined with a structure and bite that are nothing else but sensational. We offer a broad and varied range of PLNT products, both under our own brand and private label.



Our concept makers will be happy to help you realise your own private label. How do they go about this?

We familiarise ourselves with your company and/or the basic concept, followed by a clear briefing.

We brainstorm about the concept. Which solution can we offer? To whom would it be relevant? What positioning can we take?

We elaborate the results of the brainstorming session into a concept and formulate a clear strategy.

After thoroughly discussing every detail of the selected strategy and concept, we start on the realisation of the product and its positioning in the chosen market.

Once all these activities have been rounded off, we launch the new innovation in the market.

Jan Zandbergen Group - concept - private label - The Meatlovers