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Roosterz&Co expands retail range with pre-cooked chicken products

Jan Zandbergen Group - Roosterz&Co ready for meals kipreepjes

Roosterz&Co has expanded its product range with a new ‘Ready for Meals’ series developed especially for retail. Next to the existing chicken bites, Roosterz&Co now offers consumers various pre-cooked chicken products like roasted chicken strips and dices. Like the chicken bites, these products can be found in the frozen foods aisle – although chilled options can be supplied at the retailer’s request.

Convenience cooking is the big trend driving Roosterz&Co’s ‘Ready for Meals’ range. With today’s busy schedules, consumers are simply less inclined to spend hours in the kitchen every day and more and more people are opting for quick meals and salads. Pre-cooked chicken products are an excellent match, it is quick and easy to add to a huge range of dishes – and definitely full of flavour. For example, salads can be quickly livened up with chicken strips, diced chicken forms a tasty pizza topping and sauces can be enriched with delicious roasted chicken.

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Since the products are all pre-cooked, it isn’t necessary to heat them through. After defrosting they are ready for serving. Of course, heating them is still an option. The products come in a handy tray that is both oven- and microwave-ready – making them even more convenient.

The products are offered in individual 200-gram packs. A recipe has been included on the bottom for inspiration. Sustainability was taken into account when deciding on packaging. A cardboard tray is covered with a plastic film – reducing the use of plastic by 90%. The type of packaging allows for easy separation of cardboard and plastic for recycling purposes.

The Roosterz&Co Ready for Meals range currently consists of six products, namely roasted chicken dices, roasted chicken strips, roasted chicken slices, roasted chicken chunks, Southern Fried breaded goujons (chicken tenders) and Southern Fried breaded chicken fillet. The chicken products are low in salt and are halal. This means they are suited for a wide range of consumer groups with specific wishes and requirements (e.g. senior citizens, various cultural backgrounds).
The first products are expected to become available at selected European retailers in late 2019.


When it comes to chicken, we know everything. Chicken is our specialty. Our passion. 100% quality chicken is our standard. We happily share our passion, both with chefs and consumers. For almost every target group and use we have a suitable chicken product. Roosterz&Co products are halal and easy to prepare. With Roosterz&Co you will always enjoy chicken at its best.