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Say hello to Moving Mountains’ brand new look

A new era has begun for Moving Mountains®: they’ve rebranded! And since we, Jan Zandbergen, are the exclusive EU-distributor for Moving Mountains®, this rebranding will now become available for you.

The new brand design has a distinct brand colour and a re-emphasis of its mission-driven foundation. Moving Mountains® is on a mission to move three ‘mountains’ around taste, the environment, and our health. Firstly, it is leading a plant-based revolution through great taste innovation to ensure the market offers truly delicious plant-based meat alternatives. Secondly, Moving Mountains® wants to improve food sustainability and food waste through the products it offers and the way it makes them. And thirdly the brand has a passion to enhance human health and increase animal welfare through its range of plant-based products which are better for everyone.

Say hello to Moving Mountains’ brand new look. It’s the same great taste but with a little bit of a makeover.

Moving Mountains wants to take people on an adventure into flavour and unlock the power of every bite to make a difference. Moving Mountains products are indulgent, meaty, and better for you and the environment. The range is a perfect swap for flexitarians who want to try something new, committed carnivores who won’t believe the products are plant-based, and for vegans who want to enjoy the same meals as meat-eating friends and family.

Take a look at our extensive assortment, available for Retail, Cash&Carry and Foodservice.