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Scoop: half meat and half vegetables, best of both worlds

Jan Zandbergen Group - FiftyFifty plantaardige vega-burger

Award-winning food innovation FiftyFifty now available at Dutch supermarkets Albert Heijn

New for customers that are willing to consume less meat without compromising on the healthy benefits and amazing flavour, and for those who are looking for a balance between enjoyment, responsibility and sustainability. FiftyFifty is a completely new brand; fifty percent meat and fifty percent vegetables. Available at Dutch retailer Albert Heijn from January 2020. The products are located in the meat shelf, which already indicates the unique position of this brand. At the prestigious Anuga Taste Innovation Show, the largest food trade show in the world, FiftyFifty was one of the top ten. FiftyFifty focusses on different target groups like families with young children that have trouble eating vegetables but also singles and seniors. FiftyFifty is available as a burger, schnitzel, sausage, cheese wrap and Boon-stam.

Less meat, less plastic packaging

The FiftyFifty products consist of a 50% meat and 50% vegetables ratio. 15 different types of vegetables are used, divided over the whole product range. This way, the consumption of meat is half as much as it would be with regular meat products but without losing flavour, structure and healthy nutrients. Choosing FiftyFifty makes it easier to find the right balance between meat and vegetables. It is the perfect product to make children eat more vegetables without them noticing and for people that wish to reduce their meat consumption. Furthermore, the packaging contains 80% less plastic than regular packaging and is fully recyclable.

Jan Zandbergen Group - FiftyFifty plantaardige boon-stam - vleesvervanger

 Laurens Zandbergen, Marketing Manager: ‘’We introduced the FiftyFifty concept by listening to consumers that became more and more conscious of the environment, animal welfare and their health which made them want to reduce their meat consumption. This group of consumers does not want to cut out meat completely, but is willing to cut down. By consuming FiftyFifty products, meat consumption can be reduced by 50% in every meal. The result is more sustainable but still tasty. With FiftyFifty we want to contribute to a more sustainable environment.’’

Product range

There are five different products of FiftyFifty available at Albert Heijn. Enough choice to provide every meal with a sustainable meat-vegetable combination. The improved Boon-stam tastes just as good as the original boomstam. Then you have the Gevulde Boerenschnitzel and the Bretonse Schnitzel. Both are perfect to combine with fried potatoes and salad. Burger-lovers can depend on FiftyFifty in providing them with a juicy Dutch Style burger. For cheese-lovers, there is a surprising Cheese-wrap combined with, among others: peas, carrots and mushrooms.
The whole range of FiftyFifty products is available at Albert Heijn from January 2020 onwards from €1,49.

About Diviande

The hybrid fresh product range of FiftyFifty has been developed by Diviande B.V. in collaboration with Jan Zandbergen B.V. Diviande is an international and progressive producer of high-quality meat and (alternative) meat products. They take care of portioning and vacuum packaging of quality meat for retail, horeca, cash and carry and leisure market. Their specialty is providing deep frozen goods, but fresh pre-packed meat is also a possibility. With 25 years of experience in meat products, Diviande promises to provide you with the best quality meat, innovative alternatives and convenience concepts.