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View your information real-time on the customer portal from Jan Zandbergen

Jan Zandbergen Group - customer portal

Have you been informed about our customer portal? This service offered by Jan Zandbergen is unique for suppliers on the European meat market.

Our online customer portal allows you to follow all your orders real-time. Order confirmations, packing lists and order histories are available. Furthermore all invoices and product specifications can be downloaded as PDF, very convenient for your Accounting and / or Quality Departments. There are some other options available as well.

Excellent portal. Very user friendly and informative. Thank you very much.


With your log in you enter a secure portal showing your personal dashboard. The dashboard can vary depending on the type of company or the position within an organisation.
However, everyone can change his or her password at “My Account”, recommended when using the portal for the first time.

The option “Current orders” will show you the status of all current orders, entered or dispatched, and the delivery address. By clicking on the order number the order confirmation is opened as PDF. This PDF can also be downloaded by using “Show all orders”. The packing lists will also be available as soon as an order has been dispatched.

PDF’s from order confirmations, packing lists and invoices can be found under “Order history”. Also visible under this header are product specifications. Convenient for your Logistics, Accounting and Quality Departments.

Meat processing companies and companies ordering large quantities to be delivered at a later time have contracts. For them “Contract details” is available. At a glance a bar chart shows the status of the contract. How much was delivered, wat is on order and how much is left to be delivered. When less than 10% of the volume is left, the bar will be red to indicate a new contract has to be closed.

Jan Zandbergen Group - customer portal

The total quantity bought is shown in a graph at “Turnover ratio”. A stacked bar chart shows the quantity bought per product type. A line chart shows the accumulated turnover in euros. The annual overview from the previous year is also available.

“Packing” will show how many E2 crates or euro pallets that have to be returned, were delivered.

Wholesalers’ and retailers’ Marketing Departments might be interested in “Promotional material” and “Media”. Respectively, an overview of flyers, labels, etc. can be viewed and photos (low resolution) of purchased brands can be downloaded.

Our BRC certification but also our general conditions can be downloaded from “Documents”. Finally in “News” you can find the latest developments at Jan Zandbergen.

Interested in your own online portal? You can request a log in from your contact.