Under the motto ‘The world is our farm – Europe our market,’ we deliver a wide range of meat and poultry to our customers. We offer an extensive and varied range of products in our European home market, to the continents of South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe.

You may choose from a wide range:

Jan Zandbergen also offers convenience poultry products and Asian Foodservice products for the European market. All common cuts can be delivered quickly from our own stock and we can even offer you certain product types as “Portion Controlled“. These items can even be developed together with you, so that you receive the portions with optimal cut and weight. If desired, this can also be done under private label packaging.

We respond to trends and developments in the meat sector on a daily basis, keeping your interests central. ‘Fast casual’ is a clear trend in the hospitality industry. Bar food and food trucks have also risen strongly. A product that fits perfectly with both these concepts is a good burger. That is why we offer a large variety of burgers. Furthermore, the popularity of vegetable diets is currently increasing. Are you also adapting to this changing protein market? Our assortment of plant-based products is growing.

We enjoy thinking along with you, so do contact us to discuss your product challenges and wishes.