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Upcoming re-opening Ukrainian poultry exports; Jan Zandbergen is ready

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Following the Publication in the Official Journal of the European Union of the 4th of March, the European Union has accepted the regionalization of the Vinnytsia Region in Ukraine. This means that from the 7th of March Jan Zandbergen can recommence importing Ukrainian poultry meat. We expect arrival of the first breast caps at our operational cutting plant on Tuesday the 10th of March, meaning that our gas flushed chicken breast food service products will be fully available during the course of that week.
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Concerning frozen block packed, IQF packed, chicken breast fillets and inner fillets, we foresee a slow but sure increase of meat during the months of March, April and May. Guaranteeing a smooth supply in the spring and summer season. Besides the above, regular supply of frozen chicken grillers will be available. Contact our sales department for more information and offers. Raw and salted, fresh or frozen, you can order Ukrainian poultry again.


Quality is of the utmost importance at Jan Zandbergen. Therefore we only work with companies that meet strict European quality and safety standards. Only the best is good enough for our customers. Our partner in Ukraine has one of the most modern production facility in Europe. Naturally, the company is EU certified. In addition, it also achieved BRC, A grade certification. This certification confirms that the quality is at the highest level in the world. So far unique for producers of chicken meat in Ukraine. To ensure quality the company, controls the entire supply chain. It controls the growing of corn and raising of poultry, and it features its own slaughterhouses and modern facilities for further processing of the chicken products.