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Experience our latest products at PLMA, Stand F7854

Will we meet at PLMA Amsterdam, 31 May – 1 June 2022? We proudly show you our newest innovations at Stand F7854. Innovations that are in line with the demand of conscious consumers (organic, plant-based) and the market trend for more convenience.

We’re open to discuss all meat and meat substitute product options with you. Branded or for your private label. We’re looking forward to welcoming you at PLMA.

These concepts will be highlighted at the PLMA:

Lebon – Honest, healthy and responsible
Meet Lebon: the standard in organic meat. At Lebon we aim for 100% transparency in the meat chain so you and your customers know exactly the origin of the meat. We achieve this by working exclusively with a few carefully selected organic farmers. Together we keep a high standard of quality meat and supply the tastiest and most tender products. We keep a short chain. This is how we realise organic meat, as it has always been intended.

Our minced beef is selected for New Product Expo 2022
The grind of our ground beef is coarser than you may be used to. A butcher can immediately see that it is made of quality meat: you can only coarsely grind minced meat if the meat is of good quality, tender and well cleaned.

PLNT- good for today, the best for tomorrow
Plant-based food is not a short hype, it is a way of life for many people and this number is only growing, category managers see that reflected in their stores.

PLNT is a true win to your shelves. A wide range of surprisingly tasty and juicy meat and fish successors, with health and nutritional value in mind. Based on natural ingredients from European soil. All perfectly suiting the latest trends. Both, fresh and frozen available for the retail.

We call our products successors for a reason. They are the ‘next level of meat and fish’ in terms of flavour, juiciness, texture and mouthfeel. Come, taste and experience it for yourself!


See how others experienced PLNT:

would you like to discuss meat or meat substitute product options? Branded or for your private label?