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Expansion of cold store at Jan Zandbergen WWQM

Jan Zandbergen Group - constructie vriescellen

On Monday February 17th the expansion of the cold store at Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat was kicked off by placing the first panel. Expansion is necessary to keep up with the company’s growth. The current cold store at the company’s location is about 4,500m2. The expansion will add another 4,500m2 and will make the company one of the larger keepers of meat stock in Europe.

The importer of meat in Veenendaal experienced strong growth during the past few years and expects to continue to grow in the coming years. High

quality and large storage capacity are some of the company’s strong points. Jan Zandbergen WWQM has modern cold stores and advanced shock freezers. However, the current capacity is not sufficient. An ultramodern cold store is currently built on its own grounds which will add 14,000 pallet locations equalling about 12,500 ton of goods. The cold store will be operated by an automated crane system. Included in the expansion are loading docks and a larger logistics department.

The cold store is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2015. The benefits of the expansion are that all departments and the entire stock will be in one location which allows for better processes and overview. The added storage will make Jan Zandbergen WWQM one of the larger keepers of meat stock in Europe and prepares it for the future.