How did it all begin?

In 1955 Jan Zandbergen started up his first butcher’s shop in Leiden. The youthful entrepreneur purchased cattle at the market, which he slaughtered himself for his butcher’s shop.

Entrepreneur in heart and soul

Trade prospered and Jan Zandbergen expanded his business to 18 branches. He started purchasing meat for himself and other businesses as efficiently as possible. This later became his core business. Shortly afterwards a production department was started up – a pork cutting plant.

Prime location

In October 1992 Jan Zandbergen moved to Veenendaal. He had always thought it vital to have his own distribution channels and this prime location – in the centre of the country, the centre of Food Valley and the centre of the world – was therefore ideal. The new location moreover allowed for the growth of both production and storage and office facilities.

Deep roots for sturdy growth

Today Jan Zandbergen World Wide Quality in Meat is an international player in the meat and meat products market. Our team forms a veritable knowledge centre, with professionals with various fields of knowledge and expertise. Our flexibility, customer orientation and willingness to take responsibility for everything we do and commit to are core values embedded in the entrepreneurial spirit that has made Jan Zandbergen’s business what it is today.