How it started

In 1955, Jan Zandbergen (1932 – 2015) opened his first butcher’s shop in Leiden. As a young entrepreneur with heart and soul, he bought cattle on the market and slaughtered it himself for his butcher’s shop. As business was going well, Jan Zandbergen expanded his enterprise to 18 branches. He also started a trading company in order to be able to purchase more efficiently for his own shops and for third parties. This component grew into his core business, thus concluding the period of in-house slaughtering. However, one production department was set up: a pork cutting plant.

Growth into a global player

In October 1992, Jan Zandbergen’s company moved to Veenendaal. For the organization, which sees its own distribution as paramount, the central location is of great importance: in the middle of the country, in the heart of Food Valley. Furthermore, the new location offers sufficient space for growth: in production, storage, as well as office space. With his personality, dedication and business acumen, Jan Zandbergen was able to develop the organization and provide it with the impetus to grow into the world player it is today.

New generation of entrepreneurs

In 2006, Jan Zandbergen passed the baton to his son Peter-Paul and grandson Jochem Versloot. He remains involved and follows the steps that the new generation is taking. The organization is transitioning more and more from pure trade to partnership. Creating added value through service provision, design and bespoke work leads to growth in all its aspects.

In order to meet the growing demand for portioned and/or processed products, a close collaboration with Diviande began in 2015. Plant-based protein products are an unmissable development in the market. At the beginning of 2019, Jan Zandbergen BV started including alternative protein products in its product range for the first time.

Core values

Today, Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat is an international player in the meat and meat product market. Our team constitutes a true knowledge centre in which each employee has his or her own field of knowledge and expertise. Our organization has grown through flexibility, customer orientation and taking responsibility for everything we do and promise. Core values that are entirely aligned with the commercial spirit in which Jan Zandbergen once started.