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November 2, 2017

Jan Zandbergen satisfied with Anuga in Cologne

From 7 to 11 October, the Anuga took place in Cologne. This is the food fair of the year for…

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August 23, 2017

View your information real-time on the customer portal from Jan Zandbergen

Have you been informed about our customer portal? This service offered by Jan Zandbergen is unique for suppliers on the…

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Distribution and Customs Management

Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat keeps the processing, storage and distribution of its products under its own management as much as possible. By keeping our finger on the pulse, the entire process complies with the strictest requirements at all times. Not only that, but it enables us to meet demand quickly too.

Knowledge centre

Linking knowledge to demand

The success of Jan Zandbergen World Wide Quality in Meat is fuelled by people. Our professionals link up their knowledge of products, markets and prices to our customers’ demand. Jan Zandbergen employs talented professionals from near and afar, people who bring the world together and who are continually engaged in acquiring and exchanging information. 


Complete control

As a wholesaler in high-quality products, Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat keeps its processing, storage and distribution under its own management. When the meat arrives in Veenendaal it is inspected by our professional quality assurance assistants in terms of quality and specifications.