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New! 1788 Australian grain-fed Smash Burgers: the highest quality on your grill.

Attention! We have some mouth-watering news to share with you. Our new, incredibly delicious Smash Burgers have arrived and are available for purchase now. These burgers will blow your mind with their juiciness and tasty flavours. 

An amazing experience guaranteed!

Crafted from the finest cuts of our 120+ days Grain Fed Australian Angus beef, these burgers from 1788 deliver amazing taste and quality. Their small shape allows them to cook perfectly. Simply place the burger on a hot grill and press it flat with a heated burger press (preferably cast iron). 

The thin shape and intense heat on both ensure an immediate caramelisation, enhancing the robust, roasted flavours. This not only ensures quick preparation but also guarantees a truly gastronomic experience! Each package contains 24 burgers, each weighing 85 grams. 

Trust us: with these burgers, you can never go wrong. 

Create the most delicious burger with these easy-to-prepare Smash Burgers. You can prepare the classic burger with tomato, lettuce, onion and burger sauce, or choose a burger that’s more fun and spicy and go for the double cheeseburger with jalapeño on top! The possibilities are endless, which makes it the perfect product to get in-store.

The best taste & quality with our Black Angus Beef.

At 1788 we are known to only select the best of the best, as we only sell the best of the best. Understanding the demands of the foodservice industry, we offer a variety of whole cuts of Black Angus Beef and ready-to-cook burgers, perfect for chefs to create impressive dishes that make customers return. Our cattle are purebred Black Angus and therefore Verified by Angus Australia as Angus Beef. All the criteria that Angus Brand Verification has developed are met, which ensures the best quality and taste.  
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And while you’re at it… The Smash Burgers are available right now, so get in contact with our sales department to get your hands on them! 11605413  |   24×85 g  |   2.04 kg