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Press release: 1788 Beef introduces new Wagyu line

1788 Beef, a brand of the Jan Zandbergen Group, proudly announces the launch of its new range of Australian grain-fed Wagyu beef. This new product line is sure to delight customers with its exceptional marbling, tenderness, and flavor.

For years 1788 Beef has been renowned in the catering and foodservice sector for its high-quality grain-fed beef from Australia, which has previously been Black Angus verified. Now, the company can also supply a completely new range of pure-bred Australian grain-fed Wagyu beef.

“We are excited to offer our customers this new line of Wagyu beef,” says Kaj Lelieveldt, Sales Executive at the Jan Zandbergen Group. “We are confident that our customers will be pleased with the exceptional marbling, tenderness, and flavor of our new 1788 Wagyu beef.”

The Wagyu cattle undergo a special diet consisting of only natural supplements such as grain, grass, and corn for at least 300+ days. This special diet does not only enhance the taste, but also makes the beef healthier and more nutritious. Because of this diet, the beef gains an AUSMEAT marbling score of at least 6-7. This ensures customers receive a consistent product of the highest quality with the best taste and texture.

1788 Beef is committed to providing customers with the best products, and this additional new line of Wagyu beef will certainly exceed high expectations.

  • Experience the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth feel of pure-bred 300+ days grain-fed Australian Wagyu beef
  • Offered in 20+ different chilled sub-primal cuts
  • Wet-aged for at least 2 months ensures optimal tenderness and flavor at moment of purchase
  • HGP Free
  • Halal certified
  • Available for foodservice in Europe

About 1788 beef

1788 beef offers a variety of whole cuts of Black Angus and Wagyu Beef for the foodservice in Europe. At 1788 Beef we are known to only select the best of the best. This selection is as thorough as it should be. Only because of our selection, ways of feeding and a location known for its climate and green plains, we can present you the most superior Australian Black Angus beef. More information can be found on: