Jan Zandbergen World Wide Quality in Meat concentrates on gastronomy, such as butcher services for the catering industry, Cash & Carry and other food service businesses. Where meat and meat products are concerned, you ask for it, we have it, whether it be South-American or Australian fresh beef, mutton and lamb from New-Zeeland and South-America, pork from Europe and South-America, poultry or even venison from almost anywhere in the world. We guarantee that we have a substantial basic stock and can deliver our products to any location for a keen price.

Your concern is our concern

Our knowledge centre is home to various professionals, each with his or her specific own area of expertise, and is permanently on the look-out for innovations and benefits of scale. We pride ourselves on being pro-active, on teaming up with you for joint brainstorming sessions, and we are flexible, customer-oriented and have a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility. Do you have customer-specific requirements with regard to labelling, packaging or suchlike? Our potential is unending. With us, the customer is king… or queen! We are familiar with consumer thought patterns. It’s not just about a piece of meat – it’s about individual demand and needs.