Plant-based proteins are increasing in popularity and rapidly gaining market share. Jan Zandbergen is the exclusive EU (minus UK) distributor of the plant-based products of Moving Mountains Foods.

The ultimate goal of Moving Mountains is to create meat substitutes that are not only popular with vegetarians and vegans, but that are also greatly appreciated by flexitarians and meat lovers. To achieve this, Moving Mountains develops products that come as close as possible to animal meat in terms of appearance, taste, smell and bite. Plant-based burgers and hot dogs are currently available. Moving Mountains® is fully engaged in the development of various other alternative meat products.



The plant-based Moving Mountains Burger is made from a unique mix of simple but well thought out ingredients such as pea and wheat protein, coconut and mushrooms. The burger hisses, smells, bleeds and tastes just like real meat.

There are three different weight categories;
2 oz (56g), Ø 7,5 cm
4 oz (113g), Ø 9,5m
6 oz (170g), Ø 11,5 cm

Hot dog

The meatless, gluten-free Moving Mountains Hot Dog is mainly made from sunflower seeds, carrots, onion, paprika and coconut oil. With a delicious, naturally smoked flavour and a firm but resilient texture, it really looks like a hot dog or frankfurters sausage made from meat.

The Moving Mountains Hot dogs are “footlong”, weigh 155 grams / piece and are vacuum packed per 6.