Jan Zandbergen is the exclusive EU (minus UK) distributor of the plant-based burger of Moving Mountains Foods. The Moving Mountains® Burger is a plant-based meat alternative to the beef burger. It is barely distinguishable from meat, it sizzles in the pan just like an actual beef patty and it tastes delicious.

Plant-based proteins are increasing in popularity and rapidly gaining market share. Moving Mountains spent 4 years in development with expert protein technologists and leading flavourists to create one of the most realistic meat alternatives the World has seen. With an incredible 25g of plant protein per 6oz burger patty, an unrivalled texture, juiciness and mouthfeel, this is the product of 2019.

This plant-based meat alternative is made with a unique scientific blend of simple yet well thought out ingredients, such as pea and wheat proteins, coconut, and mushrooms.

There are three different weight categories; 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz.


For whom?
Targeted at the ever growing number of meat-reducers and flexitarians, the burger can also be enjoyed by vegans and meat lovers alike. Moving Mountains® are developing various other meat alternative products with the appearance, taste, smell and bite that is akin to animal meat for everyone to sumptuously enjoy.

As the Moving Mountains® Burger is an exclusive product, it will be marketed as such. Burgers will be on the menu of high-end burger chains and quality restaurants.