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Jan Zandbergen ultramodern cold store is operational

Jan Zandbergen Group - sfeerfoto productie afdeling

xactly according to planning and over a year after building began Jan Zandbergen World-Wide Quality in Meat has started using the new cold store. The first pallets containing meat have been stored using the automated crane system. The 15 meter high building contains 14,000 pallet locations which translates to 12,500 ton storage capacity.

The new cold store is fully automated. Of course the temperature is constantly monitored by a computer system. Energy consumption is also monitored but most importantly an automated crane system is used. The supplier Westfalia handed over the crane system last week after all tests were passed successfully. No staff has to enter this facility with -22°C temperatures thanks to the automated crane system. The crane system has the impressive loading capacity of 111 pallets per hour while simultaneously being capable of putting out 137 pallets per hour for shipment. This contributes to the organisation’s flexibility to deliver a large part of the orders within 24 hours in Western Europe partially by using own lorries.

Jan Zandbergen WWQM has all activities – such as customs, distribution, storage, processing, quality control and sales – in one location in Veenendaal. This allows for practicality and an overview of all processes. The big advantage of the expansion with the new cold store is that now the entire stock is also in one location. There is even storage capacity for third parties. Besides the new cold store there are now more loading docks and the logistics department and office spaces have been expanded. With the extra storage capacity Jan Zandbergen WWQM holds one of the larger meat stocks in Europe and with the added space the organisation is ready for the future.