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Moving Mountains introduces No-Meatballs and plant-based mince

Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains taco - minced meat

The developments at Moving Mountains come at a rapid succession. After introducing plant-based burgers, hot dogs and sausages, Moving Mountains now also has tasty No-Meatballs and plant-based minced meat ready for the market. Where the No-Meatballs are excellent substitutes for authentic pork meatballs, the plant-based mince takes the place of standard minced beef. These plant-based products are certified by the Vegan Society and are available for both food service and retail.

Moving Mountains products are made from natural ingredients and with a passion for mother earth. As the name implies, Moving Mountains believes that we can move mountains and thus make the world more sustainable with joint effort.

Contributing to this goal Moving Mountains is creating meat substitutes that are not only popular with vegetarians and vegans, but are also appreciated by flexitarians and meat lovers. Jan Zandbergen is the EU distributor for the Moving Mountains products, and therefore also for the new No-Meatballs and plant-based minced meat.


The Moving Mountains No-Meatballs are 17 g each and are a worthy replacement for the juicy, original pork meatball. A mix of herbs and spices has been used to create an Italian flavour profile. The No-Meatballs can be prepared in a casserole, baked in an oven or cooked in a sauce. These No-Meatballs could already be tasted at the Dutch Horecava and German Intergastra fair. The visitors were almost unanimous in their opinion and clearly expressed their approval for the taste, texture and tenderness of the product.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains no-meatballs


Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains taco - minced meat

Moving Mountains’ plant-based mince offers the same meaty flavour, texture and versatility as ground beef. The Moving Mountains Mince can be used in everyday recipes that would otherwise involve minced meat and loose baking, such as Spaghetti Bolognese or Lasagne. Also the traditional English cottage pie is irresistible with the vegetable mince. Moving Mountains’ Mince can also easily be shaped into meatballs or burgers. It is a complete replacement of the standard ground beef.

Moving Mountains Mince is entirely plant-based and contains natural ingredients including oyster mushrooms, onion and peas. Oyster mushrooms are also the main ingredient for the No-Meatballs. All Moving Mountains products are GMO-free, hormone-free and do not contain antibiotics. However, it is full of plant proteins and they are certified by the Vegan Society.


Not only consumers are asking for a wider range of high-quality, tasty vegan products, also the food service is showing an increased interest in plant -based products. The No-Meatballs and the plant-based Mince are available for the food service and retail and can be supplied fresh or frozen.