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Moving Mountains takes No-Pork burger to the alternative meat market

Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains No-Pork burger

Moving Mountains, known for its plant-based burgers and hot dogs, is constantly developing various alternative meat products. After recently launching their sausage, the No-Pork Burger is now also available. While the standard burger of Moving Mountains is the plant-based counterpart of a beef burger, the No-Pork burger as the name suggests is the alternative to a pork burger. At the Horecava (Dutch fair for the catering industry), visitors responded enthusiastically to the introduction of this new vegan product.

The ultimate goal of Moving Mountains is to create meat substitutes that are not only popular with vegetarians and vegans but are also appreciated by flexitarians and meat lovers. To achieve this, Moving Mountains develops products that come as close as possible to animal meat in terms of appearance, taste, smell and bite. In addition to plant-based burgers, hot dogs and sausages, the No-Pork Burger is now introduced. Jan Zandbergen is its EU distributor.

Jan Zandbergen Group - Moving Mountains No-Pork burger


The standard burger of Moving Mountains is a plant-based substitute for beef burgers. The structure of the Moving Mountains® No-Pork Burger, on the other hand, reflects the taste and texture of pork. The No-Pork Burger is completely plant-based and contains natural ingredients like oyster mushrooms and beetroot. The No-Pork Burgers contain no cholesterol, are free of hormones and antibiotics and are full of plant proteins. The No-Pork Burger is available as a 113.5g patty and as a smaller version – also called “sausage patty” – of 56g. The No-Pork Burger can be served as a classic burger and as an alternative to consumers preferring the taste of pork.

Moving Mountains was present at the Horecava (Dutch fair for the catering industry, January 13-16, RAI Amsterdam) and was well visited on their stand. Visitors were able to taste all plant-based products from the Moving Mountains range, including the new No-Pork Burger, and were pleasantly surprised. A few heard remarks: “Plant-based? Seriously?”, “I’m not a vegan, but I think it’s interesting to eat less meat and this is a good solution. The taste is the same, so why not?” and “I really like the bite. The texture and taste are very good on the palate.”


The popularity of Moving Mountains and its products is increasing. That is why Moving Mountains no longer focuses solely on restaurants, but also on retail allowing consumers to also enjoy these plant-based products at home. More and more, EU retailers are incorporating Moving Mountains products into their range. For example, the new No-Pork Burger was recently added to the assortment of the British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. And since the beginning of this year, the plant-based Moving Mountains burger and sausage have been available at Jumbo in the Netherlands. It is only a matter of time for the new No-Pork burger to be on the shelves of supermarkets on mainland Europe.