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PLNT introduces unique fish successor for Food Service

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, 27-06-2023

PLNT, a brand of Future Food Group, a leading innovator in plant-based meat & fish successors, launches their newest product for Food Service: 100% Plant-based Crab Cake. It’s spiced like the traditional crab cake and gets its fish flavour from nori seaweed, a natural enhancer. The product is completely GMO & palm oil free, and sustainably produced in the Netherlands without the use of chemicals.

After receiving raving reviews from food professionals that tasted the Crab Cake, the company decided to officially launch the product. “We are thrilled to introduce our 100% Plant-Based Crab Cakes to seafood enthusiasts and plant-based consumers alike,” said Laurens Zandbergen, Manager Marketing.

 “There is no need for concessions on taste, health or sustainability: that’s why our products are called successors and not replacers.” The product very easy to prepare, which makes them perfect for (fast) Food Service: Just two minutes in the deep fryer will make them crispy and golden brown, but you can also choose to fry them in a pan with some oil.

At the PLMA Amsterdam Expo in May this year, the PLNT Crab Cake was already selected for the New Product Expo based on its taste and level of innovation. The Crab cake is based on another international award-winning PLNT product: Crab, which won Best Tasting Product at the Food&Hotel Asia Expo in Singapore this year and was selected as Best Novelty at the Tuttofood Expo.

PLNT Crab Cake will be available for purchase starting July 4. They come in 2.7 kg boxes containing 24 Crab Cakes, packed per two. More information about the product can be found here:


PLNT is the brand for 100% plant-based meat& fish successors. At PLNT we love nice food, a nice life and an even nicer world around us. But we are also aware of the impact we leave on it. That’s why we believe that a healthier life and planet are the basis of our future. With PLNT, you’ll taste the original, but you’ll be eating completely plant-based, healthy and animal-free. Our products are made with care in The Netherlands and our ingredients are sourced within Europe. We use five different sources of protein, which makes each of our products unique and excellently digestible to support a healthy lifestyle. PLNT is full of natural ingredients, and completely GMO, chemical & palm oil free. For more information about our brand and the products:   


At Future Food Group, we have a heart for innovation. Future Food Group stands for the food of the future. We respond to the demands of the consumer in our dynamic and rapidly changing world. Our focus? Producing healthy & sustainable meat and fish successors that cannot be distinguished from the real thing. We use innovative techniques and natural ingredients to achieve this.